Our mission is simple:
Harness the power of nature's most potent resources and deliver cutting-edge technology to support optimal health and vitality. With over 40,000 satisfied users, we're proud to offer a range of wellness devices designed to enhance your everyday life.
We combine Earth's natural resources with our proprietary manufacturing process to generate essential biophoton energy for optimal energy and wellness Use our devices to create a rejuvenating and relaxing atmosphere in any space to refresh your body and relax your mind—near your favorite chair, on your office desk, in your car, or near the place you sleep, when the body undergoes essential maintenance and repair!
"Slept like a rock! I've had the BioHealer for 14 days now and am really enjoying my transformation. Truly worth every penny!" —Cara D.
"I’ve had this for about 2 months and the changes are quite amazing... Sleeping better and waking up with more energy! Plus my 14 year old dog has better energy and is acting more youthful. I love it!" —Jennifer M.
"I wake up more refreshed and ready to go with the Alpha BioHealer. I have a better sense of clarity, awareness, and energy throughout the day. Truly Grateful!" —Elizabeth R.
"As a Reiki teacher of 20+ years and a collector of all kinds of energy tools, I'm very impressed with this. I keep it very close to me while I sleep. The Tesla BioHealer is throwing off subtle blissful energies!" —R.S.
"I can't imagine my life without my Tesla Biohealer. My energy has also improved! Instantly upon opening, I felt the energy vibration." —Svend H.
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Biophoton Technology
The Power of Biophotons
Discover the power of biophotons – the subtle yet profound emissions of light emitted by living organisms, including cells and tissues. These ultraweak photon emissions are not just a byproduct of life—they're integral to cellular communication, signaling, and the regulation of biological processes.

Recent research has shed light on the remarkable role biophotons play in supporting overall wellness. With Tesla BioHealing, you can tap into this natural energy source to promote balance, harmony, and vitality in your life. Experience the transformative potential of biophotons with our innovative wellness devices.
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