Our Journey in Lighting the Path of Hope in Unmet and Rare Diseases

A Personal Story 

Hi, I'm James Liu. I co-founded Tesla BioHealing with a group of passionate individuals driven by the memory of my little brother, Shane. He was just eight years old when a rare form of asthma took his life.

Watching him suffer, knowing there were no available treatments, broke my heart. I vowed to find solutions for others facing similar struggles. 

I dedicated my career to studying medicine, earning both my medical degree and a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition. After 16 years in top pharmaceutical companies, I sought an effective solution for challenging diseases without side effects, leading to the creation of Tesla BioHealing. 

The journey since founding the company has not been easy. As you will read below, we have faced numerous obstacles. However, the living light (biophoton) has been our guidepost, leading us all on a path of hope. 

Our Mission (What We Do)

At Tesla BioHealing, alongside our dedicated employees and partners, we are on a mission to support individuals with untreatable or rare diseases. We understand the heartbreak of being told there is no hope—and are committed to changing that narrative. Over the past four years, we have served over 40,000 users facing various health challenges. We take pride in significantly improving their daily quality of life through our innovative products and services. 

Our Values (Who We Are) 

At Tesla BioHealing, we are pioneering the future of energy-based biomedical technology. Utilizing the intelligence of Lifeforce Energy (biophotons), we create and provide a healing energy field through our advanced devices. This energy field amplifies the natural biophoton energy present in all living organisms, promoting enhanced well-being and vitality. 

People Come Together  

By bringing our employees and partners, who are like-minded people, together to serve our users at eight (and growing) Tesla BioHealing Centers nationwide, we are fostering loving and lasting relationships. Energized individuals will grow into energized groups—who will grow into an energized world. 

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Our Strategy (How)  

The Breakthrough: Biophoton Generating Technology. What's our big idea? It's something called biophoton-generating technology. Think of biophotons as tiny quantum particles of light that the cells of our bodies naturally produce. Our scientists have discovered how to use these light particles to help the body heal itself—as powerfully as humanly possible.

This concept isn't just science fiction—we've seen incredible results in our research, and we're now moving into multiple clinical trials to prove that it works.   

Clinical Trials: Hope in Action  

Clinical trials are where we put our technology to the test in real-world conditions. We are focusing on diseases that have no current treatments, hoping to provide new options for patients who've been told there's no hope. We have concluded the first double-blinded, placebo-controlled, two-group randomized clinical study to verify if patients with chronic stroke can regain the ability to live independently after daily use of a biophoton generator to increase the brain's energy and other parts of the body. We are currently running ongoing studies for Alzheimer's, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Parkinson's and have many more studies planned.

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Quality You Can Trust 

At Tesla BioHealing, quality and safety are our top priorities. We have achieved ISO 13485 Certification and established a robust Quality Management System, ensuring that our manufacturing processes adhere to the highest international standards. You can trust that we deliver the best possible products.  

Our Goal (Where We Are Headed) 

At Tesla BioHealing, we believe in the transformative power of biophotons and the potential of natural healing. Our daily mission is to bring light-based healing to those who need it most. This is deeply personal for us, and we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference. We are not just developing treatments; we are bringing hope and a living light to families who have been in the dark for too long. Our commitment is to illuminate the path to better health and brighter futures.