Variable Energy Strength - BioHealer Plus and BioHealer Alpha

The advantage of Variable Energy Strength BioHealer Alpha and BioHealer Plus – Adding variable energy strength to the body's natural healing process

BioHealer Alpha and Plus offer three different ways to use the products, each with a varying amount of life force energy - Variable Energy Strengths. The amount of energy you receive depends on the orientation of the product. The magnitude of energy received by your body is determined by the position selected among the three and distance from your target body area where relief is most needed. 

To help you better understand how Variable Energy Strength works, we've included diagrams below that illustrate each of the three options. These diagrams shows you how to place the products against your body to achieve your desired energy strength. 

Device Placement Strategy for BioHealer Alpha and Plus:

Orientation of the device (choose from 3 placement below) + Distance (the closer the stronger) = Energy level

By offering three different energy strength options, we give you more control over your experience with our products.

Whether you are an energy-sensitive user who needs to gradually acclimate to to the life force energy, a beginner who wants to start with gentle energy, or an experienced user who wants to focus on a specific area of the body, with our variable energy strength feature, you can find the right energy strength, customize your body's healing process, and achieve the best possible results.


If you are energy sensitive -> start with A and move your way up to C

If you are beginner -> start with A and move your way up to C

If your are experienced -> jump to C and point the device toward body part needs most relief.