Life Force Energized - Biophoton Field Immersion Yoga/Meditation | Woburn, MA
Life Force Energized - Biophoton Field Immersion Yoga/Meditation | Woburn, MA

Life Force Energized - Biophoton Field Immersion Yoga/Meditation | Woburn, MA

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Woburn, MA

Meditate in a field of high-strength Life Force Energy generated by our Center Exclusive Biophoton Generators!

Experience pure serenity, surrounded by the gentle embrace of powerful Biophoton Energy. Surrender to the profound sensations of peace and tranquility as you journey to rediscover your inner essence and reconnect with your authentic self. Take the first step towards a renewed sense of vitality and purpose!


  •           Alleviate stress
  •           Reduce tension
  •           Gain insight, clarity, & direction
  •           Experience deep inner peace & renewal
  •           Effortlessly let go

No experience is necessary, open to all!

Meditations are catered to small groups and space is very limited. For questions or to register for an upcoming class, please call us at 781-460-9292 or email


Life Force Energized Biophoton Field Immersion Yoga:

Experience the restorative potential of Biophoton Energized Yoga! Our skilled instructors will lead you through a sequence of poses designed to enhance your strength & flexibility while cultivating inner peace. Held in a peaceful setting, enhanced by our Tesla BioHealing Biophoton Generators, each session provides a special opportunity to advance your practice and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Step onto your mat and delve into the transformative possibilities of Biophoton Energized Yoga.

Upcoming class: Thursday, July 11 at 11:00 AM

What to bring: yoga mat, water bottle

*Classes are tailored to small groups and space is extremely limited; please register in advance to secure your spot by calling 781-460-9292 or email


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