Sesión Medbed durante la noche | Tampa, FL

Sesión Medbed durante la noche | Tampa, FL

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Tampa, FL

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Sesión de Tesla Medbed durante la noche:

El tiempo de check-in para las sesiones nocturnas es de las 3 p.m. y el tiempo de pago es de las 12 p.m.

Relájese y disfrute mientras experimenta los notables beneficios de dormir en un Tesla Medbed.

Las sesiones nocturnas se pueden reservar consecutivamente para aquellos que desean pasar más de una noche en nuestro Tesla Medbed Center. Para varias reservas nocturnas, tendrá acceso completo a su habitación hasta el final de su vida de la Fuerza Life.

Tesla Medbed Center - Tampa FL está convenientemente ubicado al lado del Hospital St. Joseph, dentro de un edificio médico. Cada sala de Medbed proporciona una cama de doble tamaño con generadores de biofotones exclusivos centrales (equivalente a 14x generadores Medbed de Biophoton Life Force Energy). El centro tiene baños compartidos, una ducha y una cocina y está a minutos de los mercados de súper alimentos.

Traiga lo que normalmente traería consigo mientras se aloje en un hotel. Proporcionamos ropa de cama fresca limpia, y cada habitación se limpia y desinfecta completamente antes y después de su estadía.

Dormir para curar condiciones médicas graves en Medbed Center - Tampa FL

Dina Georgoulis comparte su experiencia curativa en el Tesla Medbed Center en Tampa, FL.

Customer Reviews

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Diana Ferrell
Miracle Bed

I am 2 weeks out post op back surgery. Upon arriving I had driven 6 hours. My back was burning, and some electrical shooting pain. I laid on the bed, and within 5 minutes, my back wasn’t burning, and no electrical shooting pain. I’m an hour I could feel a pulsing going back left to right across my back hip to hop. The pulsing went up my spine slowly. I then felt my head begin to pulse back and forth, and then a gentle pulsing in my brain. Very relaxing. I stayed for 2 overnights. It was very serene and peaceful, which is so important in the healing process. I drove back home, and was expecting the burn and electrical pain. I had none. I then realized that because of the spine injury my right leg and foot had been numb. I hadn’t felt them in a few months. When I stepped out of my vehicle to take my bag in. I felt my foot!! I then touched my legs, and I could feel my hand on my leg. All the numbness is completely gone. I went to see my surgeon for my 2 week post op back surgery follow up. He could not believe how well, and how fast I was moving. Pain free and ANEW. I highly recommend these beds, and the technology. Laura provides not only a retreat space, but a safe space to heal, and experience this amazing technology. I know results are different for everyone, but for me it was wonderful, and I can feel the results. I’m doing excellent and my surgeon said he does r expect me back again. That I can go back to my regular routine in a couple more weeks. Thank you Laura for the space to heal, rejuvenate, and to regain my full strength.

Lynnette R.
Positive affect and effect of Tesla BioHealer use

I have had several stays at the Tampa Tesla MedBed Center-in addition to purchasing 2 home units. My purpose in pursuing the use of these products was to live the healthiest I can from a cell level. I am fortunate to not have any significant health issues except for the overall aging process. I am 68. I have had day stays and overnight, plus sleep with the 2 canisters. Overall I have more calm yet higher energy and thus I seem to have more vitality. As one who seeks alternative health measures I have been very pleased with the results of the use of these biophotons to live as healthy as possible.

julie E
Overnt Tesla Biofield Recon

Stayed overnight in the "medbed" with Tesla generators underneath. The room and office were very tranquil. You could only VERY subtly feel the energetics while in the room with the generators. You had to drop very deeply within to feel the energy runs throughout body while on the beds. You could tune into the energy field while sitting or lying on the bed otherwise you would BARELY notice the Tesla generated energy field. I had no previous maladies with which to make comparisons of before and after exposure. I slept in only 45 minute intervals all night, awakening to the low vibratory induction running through my cellular and energetic fields. Finally arising early next morning , I left facility feeling fully charged. In comparison to Scalar EES exposure, the 2 are quite different utilizing differing quantum fields. The scalar immediately puts you into Hertzian gamma fields however Tesla waves are non Hertzian and are EM oscillations which affect and conduct differently on the human biome. Different effects on the human biofield but both extensively repair in their own frequency vehicle to promote natural rhythmic harmonics to induce biome resets.

Joyce Strickland
My First Experience With The Medbeds

Upon arriving at the Tampa Tesla Medbed Center, I was greeted by Laura. Since this was my first experience with the Medbeds, she answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. The center was exceptionally clean, very quiet, and the atmosphere was relaxing. I was at the center for two nights; I noticed an improvement in my energy level and couldn't believe how well I slept while there. The second day I met Dena, and she was very helpful and informative also. I am thankful for this experience.

Best Treatment I Ever Had

The center was a bit dark, quiet and smelled wonderful. I had my own room and was able to sleep during the day as well as all night. Since I was alone there, I talked with the gal who runs it and got a lot of information from our conversations. I would recommend this to anyone who is having a healing crisis that needs to be fixed immediately. I'm 100% better and ready to move forward with my new life. I LOVED IT!

Reva A.
First Overnight Session

This was the first time I have used the med beds. My breathing was greatly improved and on going pain at site of brain tumor removal disappeared. Also my arthritis pain was improved. I will be using the beds again and trying the canisters. The facility is lovely and a very relaxing atmosphere.

Jan & Kevin D.
Tampa FL experience

Jan and Kevin, We just discovered the medbeds and decided to try for the night. We had separate rooms due to twin beds which was fine but my room had way to much light and I didn't get much sleep. Kevin's room was fine. I have knee problems and was hoping beds would help but didn't see the relief I was looking for. The massage chairs were great! We had a relaxing time. Kevin had some tingling in his hands during his stay. I actually felt drained not sure why, detox maybe?? Anyway I did buy a home Telsa Biohealer. I've been sleeping with it down by my knees and I can say when I get up my knee doesn't hurt as bad. I will keep using and hopefully will see much improvement!

One-of-a-kind experience

I purchased a Tesla Biohealer February 2022 for the inflammation and arthritis pain I had in my hands. I quickly noticed decreased hand swelling and pain in both hands with daily use. This led us to the Tesla Medbed Center in Tampa for the opportunity to sleep in a Tesla Medbed. My husband and I immediately experienced calm and relaxation upon arrival which enabled us to get a sound and restful deep sleep. During our stay we also observed reduced pain for each of us along with clearer and brighter complexions due to the increased blood circulation from the Medbeds. Thanks so much to the welcoming and knowledgeable staff, Director Laura and Belinda for making our stay a one-of-a-kind experience. We will definitely be back to make this part of our wellness regimen.

¿Qué es la energía de la fuerza vital?

La energía de la fuerza vital es la fuerza vital natural de la naturaleza que todas las células vivas necesitan para ser lo más saludable posible. La energía de la fuerza vital generada por nuestro dispositivo médico ofrece una solución de salud completamente segura y poderosa. Después de más de 3 años de realizar estudios de seguridad y eficacia y más de 30,000 personas que usan dispositivos médicos de biohealización de Tesla, no se han observado efectos secundarios con el uso de nuestra tecnología y las notables mejoras de salud continúan teniendo lugar para nuestros clientes diariamente.

Beneficios de salud conocidos de la energía de la fuerza vital

Aumento de la reparación celular

Mejora de la permeabilidad de la pared celular, que facilita la eficiencia de la ingesta de nutrientes y elimina los desechos celulares.

Circulación mejorada

Reduciendo naturalmente la inflamación y la mejora de la función inmune.

Dormir mejorado

Facilita la recuperación mejorada para la función cerebral óptima y el soporte del sistema inmune.

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