Consulta de bienestar y escaneo de energía bio-paja | Milford, DE
Consulta de bienestar y escaneo de energía bio-paja | Milford, DE
Consulta de bienestar y escaneo de energía bio-paja | Milford, DE

Consulta de bienestar y escaneo de energía bio-paja | Milford, DE

Precio habitual$150.00

Milford, DE

Llame al (302) 265-2213 o envíe un correo electrónico a para obtener más información sobre la apertura de cada centro.

El precio enumerado es por persona.


Consulta de bienestar y Escaneo de energía biológica:

Este servicio se ofrece independientemente o además de una sesión de Medbed. Para su escaneo de energía bio-well, planifique estar en nuestro centro Medbed durante un total de una hora para incluir el tiempo para una consulta completa de escaneo y bienestar. El escaneo consiste en un análisis exhaustivo de varios niveles de energía. y sistemas fisiológicos en todo tu cuerpo que ayuda a proporcionar un detallado Descripción general de dónde puede faltar energía de la fuerza vital. También nos tomaremos el tiempo con usted para responder cualquier pregunta que tenga sobre nuestra tecnología y cómo podría beneficiar su salud específicamente.

Obtenga más información sobre el escaneo de energía bio-well del fundador de la tecnología
(1012) Luz, energía y salud holística - YouTube

¿Qué esperar de la sesión Medbed de 1 hora con Biowell Energy Scan?

Antes y después del escaneo de energía bio -paja - 1 hora de la sesión de generadores de medbed use

Energía promedio de Chakras: de 5.3 julios a 5.9 julios (x10-2)

Antes de usar los generadores de medbales de 1 hora

Después de 1 hora del uso del generador Medbed

Tenga en cuenta:
Los escaneos de energía bio-well son una tecnología de terceros no creada por Tesla BioHealing, Inc. según Bio-WellEl fabricante, las personas con implantes médicos, incluidos los marcapasos, no deben participar en escaneos de energía bio-bienes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nicholas Caruso
Well Worth the Trip

I experienced an All Day Med Bed session. I drove 2 1/2 hours to get there, so I slept well during the session. The staff gave me a warm reception when I arrived. Everyone seemed to have a certain glow about them, which I could only guess was attributed to working in an environment that was full of Life Force Energy.
The Bio Well Scan, conducted by Dr. Seth Robinson, was very enlightening. He didn’t need to take my medical history. The Scan took care of that. I was amazed. I felt at peace at the end of my session and had a vivid dream during my session. Although I hadn’t eaten all day, I was not hungry but I was refreshed and had plenty of energy.
I purchased 4 Adult Biohealers and have planned another overnight session. Once you are in the Light, you don’t want to leave it.

Charles Frame
Pain Be Gone

Very pleasurable experience. First Time we can remember Lynn slept all night thru without waking up and never ever moved! I did as well but Lynn's back pain normally wakes her up 2-3 times a night. We just couldn't believe the rest we got. We've been home since Sept 15th and Lynn ended up in the hospital last week due to her brain shutting down from lack of sleep only getting around 2 hours a night as her back pain has gotten worse. Looks like we are going to need to come back down and get re-energized. Her doctor of neurology says you can't function on only 2-3 hours sleep every day and as a result her brain just shut down and I could not wake her up. See you soon!!!

David Gettle
Friendly Staff, do recomend

I was having inflamation issues involving my right arm, back chest and neck, the day of my visit after spending some time on a medbed I had less itching, and was more comfortable, and decided to buy a bio healer unit. Since then the inflamation has disipated completely, and I have found that I do not need as much sleep as I had been getting prior to my visit, I have also been eating less, and actually gained weight while eating less food, which in my case is a good thing because according to my primary care doctor I am now at a healthier weight than I was before my visit. Dr. Seth was very informative on the meaning of the report generated by the Bio-Scan. My case was strange because the inflimation that was visible on my body, did not show up on the scan. I also don't fit into the norm for the population, because before my visit I only required 3 to 4 hours of sleep per day, and now I only require 2 to 3 hours of sleep a day. I was eating 4 full meals a day before my visit, and now am only eating 3 meals a day of the same size as the meals I was eating before my visit. I work two full-time jobs, and even with the lway I am living and working most things on my scan were within the normal range.

Gennady Vinogradov
Amazingly beautiful and absolutely incredible!!! Recommending to everyone!!!

Me and my wife visited Tesla Biohealing Center in Milford, Delaware in June 2022.
It was absolute pleasure and delight to meet with Seth Robinson who performed our scan and 1 hour treatment session for us.
Everything from the information we received and the scan and the treatment were absolutely amazing!
We are recommending to our friends and anyone we meet to visit Tesla Biohealing Center and buy products from this company.
Amazing life changing products, treatments, people and company!!!
Recommending to everyone!!!
Extremely satisfying and amazingly improving health and over all being in all aspects!!!
Thank you very much!!!

Quite impressive

I wasn’t sure what to expect but the scan gave lots of information. The doctor told me things there is no way he could have known. I feel asleep in the bed within minutes. I have felt less pain in my wrist that has arthritis. Wish they had more options for those of us who can’t spend the night. I recommend the med beds for general heath.

Barbara Dewson

I am using the adult Tesla Biohealers to be proactive with my health. I have noticed better sleep and waking up with less muscle and neck discomfort. I have also noticed my spine has been more fluid and adjusts itself! The remaining discomfort from double carpal tunnel surgery has disappeared too! Also use the pet biohealer for my 13 year old dog who has been seriously ill. She has improved energy and spunk :).

Laura Flores
Changing my life

My sister and I learned a lot with Dr Seth and our sleep was the best . We woke up energized and very happy . We loved our ride home .

¿Qué es la energía de la fuerza vital?

La energía de la fuerza vital es la fuerza vital natural de la naturaleza que todas las células vivas necesitan para ser lo más saludable posible. La energía de la fuerza vital generada por nuestro dispositivo médico ofrece una solución de salud completamente segura y poderosa. Después de más de 3 años de realizar estudios de seguridad y eficacia y más de 30,000 personas que usan dispositivos médicos de biohealización de Tesla, no se han observado efectos secundarios con el uso de nuestra tecnología y las notables mejoras de salud continúan teniendo lugar para nuestros clientes diariamente.

Beneficios de salud conocidos de la energía de la fuerza vital

Aumento de la reparación celular

Mejora de la permeabilidad de la pared celular, que facilita la eficiencia de la ingesta de nutrientes y elimina los desechos celulares.

Circulación mejorada

Reduciendo naturalmente la inflamación y la mejora de la función inmune.

Dormir mejorado

Facilita la recuperación mejorada para la función cerebral óptima y el soporte del sistema inmune.

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