Tesla BioHealing® Biophoton-Energized Spring Water: 24 Bottle Pack
Tesla BioHealing® Biophoton-Energized Spring Water: 24 Bottle Pack
Tesla BioHealing® Biophoton-Energized Spring Water: 24 Bottle Pack

Tesla BioHealing® Biophoton-Energized Spring Water: 24 Bottle Pack

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Biophoton-Energized Spring Water 24 Bottle Pack - each bottle is 16.9 oz.

This consumable product is ineligible for returns/refunds.

Optimize your Wellness with Life Force Energy Biophoton Energized Spring Water—Embrace a New Level of Vitality through Hydration!

Experience the power of biophotons with Life Force Energy in a bottle! Daily consumption of our Biophoton Energized Water is an exceptional way to enjoy extraordinary hydration and cleansing while promoting ideal lung, kidney, and respiratory health.

Expect more balanced energy throughout the day and a deeper sleep each night.

Enjoy the remarkable benefits of hydrating yourself and your loved ones (including your pets!) with biophoton-energized water for optimal wellness!

Click here to read the Certificate of Analysis of Freshly Biophoton-Energized Water.

We offer a unique approach to health through Life Force Energy-enriched, over-the-counter medical devices and products. Our aim is to optimize your breathing function while supporting you in achieving a state of vitality and ease. Proven to recharge and repair cellular health, Life Force Energy is a natural, safe, and essential solution for optimal wellbeing.

The early signs of the efficacy after using Tesla BioHealing® products may include but are not limited to below bonus benefits: (1) increased overall energy; (2) breathing deeply again; (3) more restful sleep; (4) vivid dreams to indicate enhanced brain activity; (5) increased libido; (6) improved bowel movement; (7) clear mind, and/or (8) pain reduction. You can review our scientific data here.

Water Source

The water is sourced from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and comes from the Knox Aquifer - which is the largest natural spring in the Eastern United States.

*Consume within 1 month after receiving the product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

I drank 3 bottles of the water in one day. I felt good during the day and evening but when I woke up the next day I felt wonderful. I wasn’t tired or sluggish. I had energy the rest of my day which is unusual for me. I plan to buy a case of water.

Cynthia Buswell
Amazing Water

I have have been drinking the water for almost 3 months now. My energy is increasing. I am coming off of supplements have been taking. Very pleased with the water.

Dr John Horton
Makes a difference

While we have a long way to go helping my wife get better, this water has made a difference. She has a little more energy than before. Like cleaning the kitchen counter tops and stove, which she couldn’t do a year ago. We are also using two of the adult biohealing canisters along with this water.

C Boggess
Excellent Water

I noticed a difference right away. This water is easier to consume. I am also less dehydrated. Drinking the water along with the biohealing med beds reduced anxiety and reduced daily stressors. Overall it is a great supplement to the Tesla Biohealing products. Drinking with daily supplements improves performance of supplements so my body has more energy and vitality. Also helped in the healing of a recent ankle injury.

Vita Smith
Better Sleep

I have only been drinking tesla water for a short while, but notice I am sleeping deeper and longer through the night.

Tesla BioHealing Spring Water

Water tastes crisp & clean in a quality bottle. I know if it comes from Tesla BioHealing it's good for ya!

Jenifer Kraus
5 star.

I will be ordering again. I drink one of these before I go on my 5 mile walk.

Suzanne Vanet
water is supporting greater health

thank you for the initial info & consultation planned to return soon

Cynthia B
Tesla Water

Hi, I have been using Tesla Biohealing water for two months. I work with a naturopath, and I came off of four supplements my body no longer needed! I usually feel like I get more added than ever take away. I over all really feel good! My fatigue has really gone down. I have more energy. I have been able to be more active after work and ion the weekends instead of feeling like I need to sleep. I can’t wait to see how I feel after drinking for three months!

William Eckelmeyer
energized water

I've been trying to have several leg wounds heal over the past 4 months. Despite the best efforts of the St Lukes wound center, these wounds would not cooperate. I started drinking three bottles of the Tesla Energized water each day. One month later the wound had healed and my amazement with Tesla BioHealing products continues. Thank you, Bill Eckelmeyer

Known health benefits of Life Force Energy

Increased cellular repair

Improved cell wall permeability, facilitating the efficiency of nutrient intake, and eliminating cellular waste.

Improved circulation

Naturally reducing inflammation and improving immune function.

Improved sleep

Facilitates improved recovery for optimal brain function and immune system support.