Promo à durée limitée - Session Medbed de nuit + 1 scan d&
Promo à durée limitée - Session Medbed de nuit + 1 scan d&

Promo à durée limitée - Session Medbed de nuit + 1 scan d'énergie bio-puits | Woburn, MA

Prix régulier$450.00
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Woburn, MA
Téléphone: 781-460-9292

Veuillez nous appeler à notre emplacement ci-dessus ou envoyer un pour plus d'informations.


Session Tesla Medbed pendant la nuit + 1 scan d'énergie bio-puits:

En partenariat avec Extended Stay America, des séances Tesla Medbed de nuit sont disponibles dans notre centre WOBURN, MA.

Offre promotionnelle: comprend 1 scan d'énergie bio-puits

Le balayage d'énergie bio-puits est un mécanisme de pionnier spécialement conçu pour mesurer la lumière et l'énergie dans son corps. Le scan consiste en une analyse approfondie de divers niveaux d'énergie et systèmes physiologiques dans tout votre corps, ce qui aide à fournir un aperçu détaillé des niveaux d'énergie de la force vitale dans tout le corps.

Nos hôtels nouvellement rafraîchis offrent des équipements, notamment:

  • Partage de chambre jusqu'à 2 personnes - lit énergisé et canapé de retrait
  • Jusqu'à 2 animaux de compagnie * autorisés
  • Suite avec une cuisine entièrement équipée
  • Cliquez ici pour plus d'informations!

Veuillez apporter ce que vous apporteriez normalement avec vous tout en séjournant dans un hôtel. Nous fournissons des draps frais et chaque pièce est soigneusement nettoyée et désinfectée avant et après votre séjour.

Frais d'animaux de compagnie: Jusqu'à deux animaux de compagnie sont autorisés dans chaque suite avec des frais supplémentaires de 25 $ par jour par animal de compagnie. Les animaux d'assistance seront exemptés de cette charge. Les restrictions de hauteur et de longueur s'appliquent.

À quoi s'attendre avec une séance Medbed d'une nuit:

Les séances de nuit peuvent être réservées consécutivement pour ceux qui souhaitent passer plus d'une nuit dans notre centre Tesla Medbed. Pour plusieurs réservations de nuit, vous aurez un accès complet à votre chambre jusqu'à la fin de votre séjour, tout comme vous séjourneriez dans un hôtel. En fait, vous pouvez considérer cela comme un séjour à l'hôtel rempli d'énergie de la force vitale!

Lors de l'enregistrement au Woburn, MA Center, les invités recevront un scanner d'énergie biologique et une consultation de bien-être. Nous prendrons le temps de discuter des résultats du scan avec vous et de répondre à toutes les questions que vous avez sur notre technologie et comment cela pourrait bénéficier spécifiquement à votre santé.

Les clients peuvent passer l'après-midi à profiter des équipements sur place dans notre centre de Woburn avant de vérifier leur suite de nuit à Extended Stay America après 15 heures.

Le paiement de l'hôtel est à 11 h. À la caisse, les invités reviendront au Woburn Center pour terminer le processus de paiement final.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Barbara Braley
You Gotta Try It

This has been an experience of a lifetime

Dear Barbara Braley,

Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with our Tesla BioHealing product! We are thrilled to hear that it has been an experience of a lifetime for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your support. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Barbara B

I find that it helps me with everyday aches and pains. I do find that I need a session every 3 weeks as opposed to the monthly treatments. I feel more rejuvenated after my sessions.

Thank you for sharing, Barbara. It's great to know that you've found a sense of rejuvenation after your sessions. We definitely appreciate your feedback on session frequency as well!

Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

happy birthday to me

many years ago - almost 25 - to be exact -- heard about medbeds at a retreat i was attending -- back then when introduced to the idea heard that the approximate cost would be in the tens of thousands u.s. dollars -- from what i understood at that time that those beds had not rolled out to the public just yet -- somehow on the net was directed to the Tesla biohealing centers in the u.s. --
checked out the website and reviews and i knew the portable product was for me and ordered two adult canisters --
when they arrived and i picked the box up from the deck, i had tears of joy and that was my first wonderful experience -- went back online to schedule a medbed overnight session but before i did spoke with a close friend and co-worker and when i mentioned that another person would be able to attend with me, she did not hesitate to suggest that she join me -- no asking just jumped right in --
we had great assistance and support from her husband and son in law who drove us to the medbed center -- what a gift that was also -- fun conversations and a stay for them at a family member's apt in the boston area too --
at the medbed center we checked in with a delightful, informative assistant, Jess, who guided us through the process after our scans were completed --
my friend and i had many questions and Jess took her time to answer them without our being hurried through the processing session -- another wonderful experience --
after Jess' amazing, jam packed information session, off across the street to our actual medbed room -- all was as expected -- a queen bed and pull our sofa with a mega set of canisters under each -- my friend and i had never been on a vacation or spent any length of time together so we instantly broke into a converation that lasted until midnight -- we covered a lot of territory verbally without many pauses -- no drama, fun and very revealing about our experience while in the room -- a little light headedness and an overall well beingness reigned supreme for both of us --got some snacks from the local supermarket and noticed when we returned to our room, we weren't really into eating that much -- more conversation - no t.v. watching -- we were delighted to confine ourselves to the room and to keep on with our conversations of just about anything and everything --
again, around midnight, we agreed to get at least some sleep -- my sleep was extremely sound and solid for approximately 7 hours - i was up, dressed and out to the lobby to check out our continental breakfast -- my friend was up at that point and getting dressed -- returned with our goodies and talked about our sleep -- she mentioned she never sleeps on her stomach and did that night --
i am not sure, but i might have been snoring and my friend never mentioned she heard me snoring -- that's a friend for sure!! the whole event for me felt like a living p.j. overnight get together with loads of energy and not wanting to stay in bed upon awakening -- just as i had done in my teen age years -- of course my friend and i found more to discuss and stayed in our room until her husband appeared with her son in law -- more fun conversations -- funny guy talk about having to go out and buy a plunger - another story -- and ball game t.v. watching for them --
after checking out of the room, back to the center - literally across the street -- and our meeting again with delightful Jess and our followup scans -- very interesting to see the difference in just one overnight stay -- there are seven seals in the body as most people know and mine the day before were a little all over the place and the next morning they were almost completely aligned - whoa!! my friend purchased an adult canister for herself before we departed from the center and our Tesla medbed experience -- thanks to all the information and gentle, generous guidance by Jess -- she's definitely a living testimony to how this unique 'canned' biophoton energy can affect one's overall wonderfulness --
it's been two weeks since my medbed experience and i highly suggest that if anyone is looking for a mini or longer retreat and gift for themselves -- DO IT!
upon my return home, had loads of energy to get many unfinished projects completed, cleaning, organizing, painting and where i noticed i had resistance to anything, i just quieted my mind and just did it -- thank you, God, for this unusual, noninvasive technology and experience --
the afterglow continues to remain present and i carry my canisters with me wherever i go -- will do this again and probably when i visit family members in Pennsylvania where there is a center in Butler, PA -- have introduced the technology to my sister in law and she's ready to jump into the "future" of healing biophoton energy !! much love to all!!

Dear Beverly,

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible experience with our Tesla BioHealing portable product and the medbed session at our center in Woburn, MA. We are thrilled to hear that you had such a positive and rejuvenating retreat. Our team, especially Jess, is dedicated to providing informative and delightful assistance to ensure a wonderful experience for our customers. We appreciate your kind words and look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Qu'est-ce que l'énergie de la force vitale?

L'énergie de la force vitale est la force vitale naturelle de la nature dont toutes les cellules vivantes ont besoin pour être aussi sains que possible. L'énergie de la force vitale générée par notre dispositif médical offre une solution de santé complètement sûre et puissante. Après plus de 3 ans de réalisation d'études de sécurité et d'efficacité et plus de 30 000 personnes utilisant des dispositifs médicaux Biohealing Tesla, aucun effet secondaire n'a été noté avec l'utilisation de notre technologie et des améliorations de santé remarquables continuent de se dérouler quotidiennement pour nos clients.

Avantages pour la santé connus de l'énergie de la force vitale

Augmentation de la réparation cellulaire

Amélioration de la perméabilité de la paroi cellulaire, facilitant l'efficacité de l'apport en nutriments et éliminant les déchets cellulaires.

Circulation améliorée

Réduisant naturellement l'inflammation et améliorant la fonction immunitaire.

Amélioration du sommeil

Facilite une récupération améliorée pour la fonction cérébrale optimale et le support du système immunitaire.

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