Butler, PA

On Pittsburgh Road, Butler PA sits our Biophoton-powered Tesla MedBed Spa and Wellness center.

139 Pittsburgh Road.
Butler, PA 16001

Email: TeslaMedBedCenter-PA@TeslaBioHealing.com
Phone: (724) 431-0033

Tesla MedBed Center – World’s First Energy Wellness Hotel

Energy, Sleep, and Pain-Free

Energy, Restorative Sleep, and Pain Reduction are the top 3 benefits from 30,000+ at-center and at-home users reports.

Energized – live your life to the fullest every single day
Sleep – sleep your way to better health with restorative and vivid dream sleep
Pain-Free – move comfortably and experience more life with less chronic pain

Plus many other benefits of Life Force Energy experienced by our center guests and product users!

At Tesla MedBed Center, our guests enjoy and benefit from the super boost of high-strength Life Force Energy with our over-the-counter medical devices. We provide a unique experience in that each room is equipped with Center Exclusive MedBed Generators that lets guests stay in a relaxed state of being and receive biophotons into every living cell of the body. Guests can enjoy an environment rich in life force energy and conducive to maximum healing and relaxation, in addition to the other therapeutic benefits with significant clinical outcome improvements. Each center offers unique amenities, vary by center, and services enhanced with Tesla BioHealing Technology including Energized Massage, Energized Yoga, Energized Meditation, Energized Gym, Energized Pool, etc.

To deliver an everyday life quality impacting and sustainable clinical outcome-driven health-benefiting experience, our Centers offer multiple services and plans that are catered to where you are on your personal healing journey.

Visit our center in person for a Bio-Well Energy Scan, Hourly MedBed Sessions, or Overnight MedBed Sessions. Experience for yourself why so many are sharing their remarkable stories with us! 

The PA Tesla MedBed Center is a newly renovated Facility from top to bottom with all new bedding making your stay comfortable and pleasing! We have Large Banquet Hall’s for all Weddings/Proms/Meetings/Etc. Conveniently located 2 miles south of Main Street Butler you have easy access to all the local Restaurants and attractions! 15 minutes from Moraine state Park where you can enjoy Biking/Boating/Swimming/Hiking/and More!

Our Facility has all the amenities a guest could need, Including: Full In-House Gym / Large Courtyard with a Gazebo, all new lawn furniture , and Grill to cookout with at your convenience / Continental Breakfast 6am-10:30am / Guest Laundry Service / Daily Housekeeping Service / Vending Machines with Health friendly Options / Flat screen TVs with Direct TV - HBO / All rooms have - Phones, Coffee Pots, Microwaves and Refrigerators

We look forward to making your stay a wonderful experience!

High Life Force Energy at Butler PA Center!
I have been an energy worker for 5 years but have been working with energy my whole life!
When I walked into the Tesla MedBed Center in Butler, Pennsylvania and stepped into one of the active rooms, Man! I was floored! What I have been experiencing all my life was now available for everyone to physically feel, and see!! The healing powers of abundant Universal Life Source is a game changer in moods, health and overall quality of life for people everywhere!
Now for the medical side!
I personally have a herniated disc and two bulging discs in my neck and have experienced at least 60% less pain since I have had the biohealers in my home. Also, I have to mention theat the wonderful people at the MedBed Center are truly amazing people. Welcoming and genuine! They are doing amazing research for our future and I hope everyone gives them a chance to change their life. —R.B.

Best sleep in 25 years!
I had trouble with sleeping through the night and waking up barely able to maneuver myself out of bed. I was able to keep a biohealer in my bedroom for a weekend. I tell you what, I haven’t slept that good or woke up that energetic in 25 years! My hands don’t like to work right. I was shocked that the pain and tenderness, the aches, subsided tremendously! What’s crazy is when you walk away it takes a little while for it to ware off but when you walk back over in the area… boom, pain lessens! It is something everyone should have in their home! —B.A.

Great sleep!
I stayed at the Butler Center and had the most wonderful weekend meeting program participants – such wonderful people! Also, meeting up with people who were not there for a program of any kind! I spent more time in the pool, and it was awesome! I loved the room I was in and got two great nights' sleep! —Robert B.

Fantastic Experience
I would highly recommend the Tesla MedBed Center to anyone - good health or bad health. It is a fantastic experience, and I will be using the center a lot more. —John Camberlain

Waves of energy pulsating
I visited the Butler PA Center to experience the energy and get a BioWell scan. The center was very relaxing. Having driven from Ohio and liking what I found, I decided to stay overnight. The room was very clean, and the bathroom was spotless. I used the equipment in the fitness center, and when I laid on my bed, I could feel the waves of energy pulsating over me. It was incredible. Over all I found my experience very uplifting. —James VanBibber

Center Service - A La Carte

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Room Type Room Size Number of Guests
1 Hour Room 264 sq ft 2
1 King 264 sq ft 3
2 Queens 312 sq ft 4
1 King Efficiency 312 sq ft 3
2 Queen Beds Courtyard 312 sq ft 4
2 Queen Beds Efficency 312 sq ft 6
Handicap 1 King 312 sq ft 2
Handicap 1 King Efficency 312 sq ft 2
Handicap 2 Queens 312 sq ft 4
Highly Energized 1 King MedBed Room 264 sq ft 2
Highly Energized 2 Queen MedBed Room 412 sq ft 4
Highly Energized 1 King MedBed Handicap Accessible 312 sq ft 2
1 King MedBed Highly Energized Jacuzzi Room 312 sq ft 2


Our membership offers you the best value, best choice, and lowest cost per visit for sustained energy benefits. Receive up to 4 visits per month plus many perks and extra savings only for members!

  • MedBed sessions at significant discounts and the ability to bring a guest along.
  • An inclusive Bio-Well 32-Organ Energy Scan which shows your personalized need-to-improve and improvement tracking in energy level.
  • Energize Message, Yoga, and Meditation (vary by center) which deepen the flow of energy throughout your body.
  • 20% discounts on Tesla MedBed Center Services for further improvements.
  • 20% discount on Home-use products so you can continue to receive energy boosts conveniently at home.
  • Our Tesla BioScore™ tracker and personal consultation plan to monitor your improvements in your Pain, Energy, and Sleep quality and help you get to goal.

Center Service - Packages

Unable to commit to regular visits? No problem! Packages offer flexibility. Share with family and friends and can be used whenever you want. Easy monthly or lump sum payment options. Click the package below to get started!


Give the gift of everyday Energy, Sleep, and Pain-Free living to yourself and your loved ones, pets included 😊💗

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