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Tesla MedBed Centers

Enjoy the Effects of High-Strength Biophoton Technology. Learn more about our corporate centers, partner centers, and partnered hotel experiences below!

$50 Cellular SuperCharge Session

Are you ready to experience our latest technology?

Recharge and repair! Discover a Fast-Acting, Maximum Therapeutic Outcome with our most powerful device — Biophotonizer S — only available in our Tesla BioHealing Centers!


充满活力 - 每天过着充实的生活
睡觉- 睡觉 通过恢复和生动的梦想睡眠来改善健康的方式
无痛 - 舒适地移动并以减少慢性疼痛而体验更多的生活




Discover Our Partner Centers

Welcome to Tesla BioHealing's network of Partner Centers, where you can experience the transformative power of biophotons in your journey towards optimal health and wellness. Our partners are independently owned and operated establishments committed to providing the same level of excellence and efficacy as our corporate wellness centers. With a diverse range of practitioners and locations across the United States, our Partner Centers offer convenient access to our innovative Tesla BioHealing technology.

Find Your Nearest Partner Center

Explore the map below to locate the Partner Center nearest to you. Whether you're seeking the expertise of a natural doctor, the serenity of a wellness B&B, the luxury of a spa retreat, or the holistic approach of an energy practitioner, our partners are here to guide you towards your wellness goals.

Connect with Our Partners

Each Partner Center offers unique services and special offers tailored to meet your individual needs. Contact the Partner Center closest to you to learn more about their offerings, schedule an appointment, and take advantage of exclusive promotions.




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