Tesla BioHealing™ Med Bed Generator | Recharge & Repair Cellular Health with Tesla Energy

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Product Specifications:
Tesla Med Bed Generator Only (Bed Frame/Matress Not Included)
Weight: 28 lbs. Each
Dimension: 8 (dia) x 8 (height) inches

REGULATIONS: Tesla Med Bed is an FDA-registered OTC medical device for promoting blood circulation and reducing pain.

Patients have used the Tesla BioHealing Med Bed Generators for over 3-years without any negative side-effects while being observed by scientific researchers who have reported positive changes in cellular regeneration and repair.

What is Tesla Energy?

Tesla Energy are 3-dimension longitudinal waves, also known as Scalar Waves or Scalar energy. They are the framework of quantum mechanics and non-Hertzian energy (without frequencies) or referred to as standing energy or cosmic waves, or zero-point energies. Scalar waves are also called 'electromagnetic longitudinal waves'.

How Does Tesla Energy Work?

Scalar energy has a direct effect on DNA synthesis and DNA repair. Scalar energy improves cell permeability and facilitates the intake of various nutrients into the cell and helps in the removal of various toxic substances. This helps in increasing cell energy and growth.

A recent scientific study published in the top journal of Science on November 1, 2019, indicated that deep sleep was the best time to remove the metabolic wastes from our brains. The research scientists predicted that if you can have a very effective deep sleep, you may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Benefits of Tesla Energy for Humans

  • Subtle energy is released consistently to promote natural healing and jumpstart cellular repair.
  • The positive health benefits of Tesla Energy are being used across the globe today.
  • Protects by neutralizing the harmful man-made electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation in and around the body.
  • Cancer cells have a very low electrical frequency (15-20 millivolts) compared to healthy cells (70-90 millivolts). Tesla Energy brings those cancer cells up to normal energy levels, possibly accounting for the healing that many cancer patients have experienced after exposed to Tesla Energy embedded products.
  • Increased cell energy reduces fatigue, resulting in increased physical energy, strength, and flexibility.
  • Protects cellular DNA from damage by increasing the energy of hydrogen bonds that hold DNA together.
  • Causes blood cells to un-clump, promoting circulation, distribution of oxygen, and the strengthening of the immune system.
  • Facilitates nutrient absorption with improved cell wall permeability thereby speeding up the body’s nutritional intake as well as the detoxification process.
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body.
  • Cleans and improves blood profile.
  • Strengthens immune function.
  • Improves mental focus and clarity.
  • Assists with the regulation of blood pressure.
  • Helps to bring emotions and nerves into balance inducing calmness.
  • Improves the duration and quality of sleep.
  • Completely safe and natural without any negative side effects and beneficial/safe for all age groups and conditions.



How do Tesla MedBed Generators compare to Tesla BioHealers?

Both products are FDA registered OTC medical devices. Tesla MedBed Generators are over 100X more powerful than Tesla BioHealers for even more accelerated and enhanced outcomes. MedBed Generators are recommended for people with serious conditions and diseases who seek faster therapeutic improvements.

NOTE: FSA - Flexible Spending Account applicable as all of our products are FDA registered OTC Medical Device

The History of Tesla Energy

The discovery of Scalar Energy can be attributed to James Clark Maxwell, a Scotsman who was born in the 19th century. Maxwell was a mathematical genius whose work led to the development of quantum physics. Albert Einstein worked on Maxwell’s findings and discovered “The Theory of Relativity”.

However, it took another fifty years after Maxwell’s discovery to prove the existence of Tesla Energy. It took one Nikola Tesla, who was born in Yugoslavia around 1856–1857 to demonstrate the existence of this form of energy.

This technology is not new and has been proven by researchers around the world to provide positive changes in the body at a cellular level. It is not until now, with modern technology, are we able to harness scalar energy (Tesla Waves) for mass use by the general public.

Made in America! Developed by Tesla BioHealing, Inc. in Delaware, U.S.A.


WARNING: Never open the container which leads to oxidation of the bioenergy producing materials inside of the container. Away from pregnant women or children under 5-years old.

Contact TestlaBioHealing, Inc. directly for more information about the TeslaBioHealing Bed at 302-265-2213 or message us here.

*Notice: Style and look of the Tesla BioHealing Med Bed may change during final manufacturing.

This product is for a Med Bed Generator only. It does not include the bed frame or matress or pod. You will receive the generator to use with your own furniture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Quality of life

I purchased your under bed unit and noticed immediately that my increasingly vivid dreams about the Holocaust and my time machine patent have been on overdrive lately and I think the cat can see my aura as well. I also have purchased the Tesla biohealer can that I keep on my persons in my jansport fanny pack and I would like to note that whilst on my excursions into the park for birdwatching I have lately noticed a increase in blood flow to my lower member which has led me to start partaking in dogging behind the public toilet. All in all this purchase...no investment has increased my quality of life exponentially “cheers” KEN


“My husband is 79 years old. He had to undergo 4 spinal fusion surgeries in the past 3-4 years. He is also a Parkinson's patient. It has been over the year since his last spinal fusion and the relief never came. They warned him upfront that Parkinson's could be an issue in his recovery after surgery. He was on 3 morphine's a day and few other bad drugs. It did nothing for him, just maintained his level of misery. He was using a walker, always in pain, I could hardly get him off his couch.

We have the generators for 10 days now. On a 5th day or so he walked with no walker and he was not in much pain in his spine. Short distances, but much better still. I also noticed he started swinging his arms somewhat. Gradually I observed that his gate (what used to be Parkinson's gate) is much better. Sometimes, when he is tired, he still shuffling, but not as much as he used to. His mood is much better, he is happier. I noticed his writing has improved somewhat also. Before he could hardly move his “pedal” foot. I just asked him to do that, and it looks perfect to me. Both feet are the same!!!! He is much better, around 50% he thinks. Hoping for much more signs of improvements to come!” – N.B.

Sensory Processing Disorder Cognitive Impairment with Major Accomplishment - Happy Parent

My daughter has suffered with sensory processing disorder which mostly affects her hands / fingers and feet / toes.

She will stand one legged in the shower as the water is too much hitting her left foot.

For the past two days she has ASKED for Epsom Salt foot baths! Her feet and toe nails are already healing. She is taking 2 -3 foot bathes a day.

Also - she has sensory / major gag issues with her teeth / throat. Today she learned how to floss her teeth and was so happy of her accomplishment - she giggled and laughed and wanted me to tell everyone!

Thanks so much, Andrea

Stroke Paralysis - 3 months healing

Stroke since early 2020. Experienced significant improvement in 3 months and noticeable improvement in just a few weeks of time with MedBed Generators. Helped with my speech, my involuntary movement due to stroke, sleep, and anxiety. I now can return to work and live my life independently!

My body knows well - Mom's neuropathy

I am happy to share some great stuff with you.

The Generators came earlier than expected. I had returned home one day and walked into my house to find energetically that my whole body lit up walking through the door. I did not know that they arrived. But, my body sure did. They were three rooms over and I knew something was very different.

My body felt light moving up and down my spine rapidly. The best way to describe it is that all of my cells felt clean, clear and vibrant. My family told me that they had arrived and I knew that this is what I experienced because of their beautiful energy.

My mother is living with me for the winter. She has suffered with neuropathy in her right arm with weakness and debilitating numbness. That arm is always cold. Since January 31st she has gained strength in that arm and her hand has a grip again. It has been at least 8 years that she has had this numbness. It is slowly/gently disappearing . She is so happy about this as we all are.

Strength is the more noticeable for me as well. I feel complete energetically and whole. Which helps me feel stronger with any daily task such as loading the wood stove twice daily. I have no discomfort. My cells feel supported and comforted. The other exciting thing I experience daily is the feeling in my neck and low spine as endorphins are released. Yes... I can actually feel endorphins being released. It’s incredible.

It’s very exciting.

No cancerous growths & tumors continue to shrink

I have been feeling better over the last four weeks, less back pain, more motivated to do things, standing taller, happier, in a better mood, etc. In addition, my nurse practitioner tells me my CT Scan came back with no new cancerous growths and that the tumors continue to shrink. I haven’t yet met with the doctor to see if they have anything else to add. THANK YOU!


It is wonderful. So relaxing.

great sleep

I love it

Stroke - 85-90% functioning improvement

Overall functioning improvement is at approximately 85% on a “bad” day and approximately 90% on a “good” day. Feels other environmental factors unrelated to Tesla MedBed Generators in life contribute to the missing 10% but remains beyond satisfied with the benefits received from using the Tesla technology. I have been promoting the company and technology with my personal doctors and close friends and continue to attribute my improvements greatly to the use of Tesla products. Also experiencing significantly reduced neuro fatigue, greatly improved speech in which now have an easier time finding the words and stutters less. Pain is significantly reduced daily, and continuously recognize the increase in energy. Mental Health has improved.

Humming butterflies feeling - Interesting 1st first of the Teslas

So far the experience with the Teslas has been interesting. I feel the energy from them and it makes me feel like I’m humming or vibrating with tiny butterflies. I especially feel it in my stomach. The first night my husband and I were not able to sleep well as it felt like we had had a cup of coffee too late in the day and had too much adrenaline running through our systems but have slept OK since. I do think they have an impact on my mood, making me feel happier.

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Quality of life

I purchased your under bed unit and noticed immediately that my increasingly vivid dreams about the Holocaust and my time machine patent have been on overdrive lately and I think the cat can see my aura as well. I also have purchased the Tesla biohealer can that I keep on my persons in my jansport fanny pack and I would like to note that whilst on my excursions into the park for birdwatching I have lately noticed a increase in blood flow to my lower member which has led me to start partaking in dogging behind the public toilet. All in all this purchase...no investment has increased my quality of life exponentially “cheers” KEN

Noticeable difference in first couple days

Noticeable difference w/in 2 days of better sleep, tingling in my sinuses, leg, upper back shoulder areas for me. For Dad, he is noticeably more alert. (He has had strokes).

This is pretty amazing

I am using an adult bio-healer.
When I first used it, I felt energy inside my whole body in about 10 minutes.
I haven't been able to fall asleep for the past few months, but now I can sleep soundly.
I ordered two and paid for two for my autistic son and Crohn's son (both adults).
However, unfortunately only one arrived.
I'm currently consulting with the person in charge.
I am looking forward to receiving the remaining one.

Hi Masaya - Thanks for sharing below experience with BioHealer.! We are working with Japan UPS to resolve the other BoiHealer shipped as we shipped 2 units. we'll get back as soon as we hear back from UPS International, we'll update you. Thank you for your patience.

Tesla BioHealing

After using the Tesla BioHealing units for almost 2 months, I have seen some positive results. From the first time I held them in my hand I could feel the energy output. I believe they have helped me regain some memory, have helped to reduce pain in my back. I have been faithful to use the units every night for at least 8 hours and sometimes during the day. I believe others can benefit from using the Tesla BioHealing units also if used for at least 8 hours a day. I also believe this is going to be the new healing process for most physical problems within the body.

Worn down body

My body is worn my looks are ok I’ve helped children all my life and working as labor worker.