Tesla MedBed Center


On N Habana Ave in East Tampa, FL sits our Biophoton-powered Tesla MedBed Spa and Wellness center.


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About Center

We are conveniently located next to St. Joseph's Hospital, inside a Medical Facility. Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is 5 min. away as well as many restaurants and Whole Foods on Dale Mabry Highway.

East Tampa is rich in latin culture with a variety of authentic latin restaurants just one block over. We have the popular Publix supermarket .3 mi. from our center. 

Retreat while you Recharge! 

Tesla MedBed Spa and Wellness welcomes you to a unique experience for the day(s) with overnights also available by request.  

Each MedBed room provides a twin-size bed powered with Center Exclusive Biophoton Generators (equivalent to 14 Gold MedBed Generators of Biophoton Life Force Energy), low lighting and calming scenes of nature. The center has a shared bathroom, a beautiful large walk-in shower, refrigerator/freezer and microwave.  

Expect a stay filled with serenity… high frequency soft music playing along with an aroma of pure essential oils.  

For your enjoyment, our coffee/tea bar is always available with a variety of organic teas, organic coffee (regular and decaf) and filtered water. 

We honor our guests with quiet zones throughout the MedBed rooms and ask that any devices be silenced or earbuds be used.  

We invite you to engage all your senses as you support your body’s cells in recharging and repairing for optimal, vital energy!   

Services available

Visit our center in person for a Bio-Well Energy Scan, Hourly MedBed Sessions, or Day MedBed Sessions. (*Overnight MedBed Sessions by request).

Experience for yourself why so many are sharing their remarkable stories with us! 

Book online below or contact us on:

4710 N Habana Ave, # 101
Tampa, FL 33614
(813) 293-9984
(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Yoga Classes

Join Tesla Life Force Energy and Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor Dina Georgoulis for an all-ages Stress Relief Yoga Class at our Tampa FL center in December 2022.


4710 N Habana Ave, # 101
Tampa, FL 33614

(813) 293-9984

Email: medbedcenter-tfl@teslabiohealing.com

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Wellness Consultation and Bio-Well Energy Scan 

The scan consists of a thorough analysis of various energy levels and physiological systems throughout your body which assists in providing a detailed overview of where Life Force Energy may be lacking.

We will also take the time with you to answer any questions you have about our technology and how it could benefit your health specifically. 

Hourly MedBed Sessions

Fast Life Force Energy boosts whenever is convenient.

Many people note improvements in their wellbeing even after only an hour of resting on a Tesla MedBed, and often tell us that they feel recharged for the rest of the day.

Simply by laying on our Tesla MedBed, you will be receiving large quantities of Life Force Energy that the cells of your body can use as at will and as needed to begin recharging and repairing your system. 

Day MedBed Session

Consider this a Life Force Energy filled hotel stay!

This is our recommendation for receiving significant amounts of Life Force Energy at our larger centers.

Simply by laying or sleeping on our Tesla MedBed, you will be receiving large quantities of Life Force Energy during your stay that the cells of your body can use as at will and as needed to begin recharging and repairing your system.