The safety of our products is verified by 30,000+ users without adverse health events. Our products produce biophotons which are also produced by our human bodies.

Tesla BioHealing products are over-the-counter medical devices and can be used at home to improve life quality. The devices may also be used by medical professionals to aid their diagnosis and treatment of diseases or disorders.

The device is not a substitute for the treatment given by a healthcare provider. Customers should always consult a qualified medical professional before using the device.

The device is not intended for use in acute, critical, or life-threatening conditions, neither for pregnant women, nor children under 5 years. The device should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and any applicable laws and regulations.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any injury, damage, or loss caused by misuse of the device.

Tesla BioHealing, Inc. develops and markets Over the Counter (OTC) medical devices that generate a strong field of life force energy (biophotons). The OTC devices are indicated for reducing pain, promoting blood circulation, and improving joint mobility with exercise. Tesla BioHealing products have undergone extensive safety and efficacy tests in the real-world usage and clinicals studies. More than 30,000 users to date experiencing remarkable improvements in their health and life quality without a single adverse health event.

Tesla BioHealing is a completely data driven company. Our technologies were invented by a medical scientist, James Z. Liu, M.D. Ph.D., and his collaborators. Tesla BioHealing prioritizes safety and efficacy to deliver the best possible health solution for those in need. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the safety of our technology. We also encourage you to consult your health care provider before using our products.