1 Hour Cellular SuperCharge Session | Hot Springs, AR
1 Hour Cellular SuperCharge Session | Hot Springs, AR
1 Hour Cellular SuperCharge Session | Hot Springs, AR

1 Hour Cellular SuperCharge Session | Hot Springs, AR

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Experience a Fast-Acting, Maximum Therapeutic Outcome with our Cellular SuperCharge Session! Located at our Hot Springs, AR Center Please call us at (501) 463-6985
email ar-hot_springs@TeslaBioHealing.com
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1hr Cellular SuperCharge Session:

This Session is designed for your convenience, with booking available anytime between 9am and 3pm EST on weekdays. Simply complete your purchase at this special price, then call to schedule the most convenient time for your Session.

Are you ready to experience our latest technology?
Recharge and repair! Discover a Fast-Acting, Maximum Therapeutic Outcome with our most powerful and exclusive device: Biophotonizer S, available only in our Tesla BioHealing Centers!

Take advantage of our extra special current offer:
Enjoy a Full, One-Hour Cellular SuperCharge Session for just $50! A rejuvenating session featuring the most potent biophoton-energized devices that are currently available to the public.

How can Biophoton Energy improve your health & wellness? We've helped over 40,000 people enjoy healthier and happier lives! Tesla BioHealing technology can help: Promote better sleep, relaxation, and stress management | Promote healthy weight management and weight loss | Improve and increase the flow of qi "energy" | Improve mental acuity and hand-eye coordination | Improve general mobility and enhanced physical fitness | Promote a healthier lifestyle among users with type 2 diabetes | Promote physical activity to help reduce the risk of hypertension.

Many people note improvements in their well-being even after an hour of resting at our center and often tell us that they feel recharged for the rest of the day. We also offer longer stay options, so please call us to learn more.

Please note that this Session may be held in a semi-private space. Please call us to learn about scheduling your private Session!


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