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Wonderful, first-time overnight session.

I enjoyed the overnight session and wished I lived closer, so it could be a monthly experience. It was quiet, I felt safe and protected against any environmental hazards. My muscle weakness had been reduced so I felt stronger and braver. I look forward the next scheduled session in October. I would recommend this natural therapy to anyone searching for healthy alternative.


Can notice some small changes but minimal. Would do more but it is way too overpriced.

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Francine Banasiak

Tesla BioHealer for Adults


The 1hr session felt very relaxing. The remainder of the day I felt waves of relaxation even.

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Calista Roberson
Somewhat better sleep

No Big revelations yet, but I Do seem to sleep better. At first, really sleept deeply and all through the night. Now, I am back to waking up several times during the night, which I don't like.

We are very Happy with our BioHealer

We are getting better sleep and it helps us with our aches and pains. Thank you so much!

Tesla Biohealers

I have really felt no difference? I think it may be helping me to sleep more soundly? I place 1 beside me in my bed and 1 next to me on the bed side cabinet. I am still in hopes I will see some benefits. I suffer from tinnitus and pain in the back from past injuries.
I thank you for your efforts to provide relief for all and am thankful for those that have found it beneficial and find immediate relief.
Best Regards,

Noticed age spots are fading away

I have noticed very quick healing on my arms.


I have a disc in my lower back that is totally deflated and I recently had a eruption in the disc below it. I had 2 1/2 months of constant severe cramping and pain in my left leg from my lower back down to my ankle that would not ease up. Chiropractor and pain meds couldn't cut through the pain and cramping. I saw a neurologist and was scheduled for injections in my back. I ordered 4 Tesla Adult BioHealers 3 weeks before my scheduled injections. Two weeks after receiving them, I canceled the injections. The cramping and pain eased and went away and I am getting better slowly. I keep on with me at all times to keep the cramping away. I am planning to upgrade to the MedBed Generators as I believe they will help me more. Since it's a long term problem, I think the stronger energy force will possibly help to avoid further deterioration.

I have also had a constant sinus drainage for years and within 30 minutes after setting the BioHealers next to my chair, my sinuses were clear and now I only have occasional drainage if I'm in front of air conditioning.

I loaned one to a friend that has severe lymphedema swelling in her legs and was always in pain. She was getting relief from one BioHealer and she went ahead and order 2 for herself. I tell everyone I know about them. God's way is always the best way.

Subtle changes, but much reduction in inflammation and pain and better sleep

I would say because this is an energy type of healing that the changes are subtle but nonetheless they are there first thing I noticed was better sleep, and then my excruciating pain from recovering from a slipped disc and sciatica, etc. and all the information that I had from that seem to go away quite quickly after having my bio healing adult healer!
I would love to be able to buy the generators for under my bed there a bit prohibitive in price for me right now, but I’m hoping in the future this technology will become more main stream and more affordable.
Thank You,
Karen in Huntington Beach 🏖️ California

Marvelous Night

We enjoyed a marvelous night! Felt less stressed and feeling good. Attitudes were improved. Would recommend the Med Bed experience to everyone that is looking to improve their lives.

Wonderful experience! Dr Mariola and Michael Friend are excellent employees. They are very knowledgeable and caring. Every company should have employees like them. Hoping to return soon!

Too soon to tell

I was excited to get not just the small generators but also the medbed "buckets". I believe they are helping me but because I am also doing other treatments it is hard to gauge how much. Primarily I recently started on a 4 month Ivermectin protocol that has me detoxing heavily. Until I complete that I will not be able to address the benefits fairly. I can feel the frequency of the generators so I know they are working.

They work

Removes daily aches and pains overnight. I stopped taking otc pain meds daily.

Bio healers

I really haven’t had enough time so far to see much of a difference ,one thing I have noticed is my mental state is much happier and swelling is starting to leave my angles so I’m hoping thieve healers are the reason for that but check in at 6 months I should know if they helped me by then thank you.

Walking & breathing better

Stayed at PA center for 2 nights.

Friendly Staff, do recomend

I was having inflamation issues involving my right arm, back chest and neck, the day of my visit after spending some time on a medbed I had less itching, and was more comfortable, and decided to buy a bio healer unit. Since then the inflamation has disipated completely, and I have found that I do not need as much sleep as I had been getting prior to my visit, I have also been eating less, and actually gained weight while eating less food, which in my case is a good thing because according to my primary care doctor I am now at a healthier weight than I was before my visit. Dr. Seth was very informative on the meaning of the report generated by the Bio-Scan. My case was strange because the inflimation that was visible on my body, did not show up on the scan. I also don't fit into the norm for the population, because before my visit I only required 3 to 4 hours of sleep per day, and now I only require 2 to 3 hours of sleep a day. I was eating 4 full meals a day before my visit, and now am only eating 3 meals a day of the same size as the meals I was eating before my visit. I work two full-time jobs, and even with the lway I am living and working most things on my scan were within the normal range.

Excellent Experience

The atmosphere in that space was invigorating. If one night made me feel as calme and dream as deeply as that, I could only imagine what a week or month would yield

Bladder Problem Gone

I started to have bladder problems about a year ago with incontinence. This is completely gone now!

Amazingly beautiful and absolutely incredible!!! Recommending to everyone!!!

Me and my wife visited Tesla Biohealing Center in Milford, Delaware in June 2022.
It was absolute pleasure and delight to meet with Seth Robinson who performed our scan and 1 hour treatment session for us.
Everything from the information we received and the scan and the treatment were absolutely amazing!
We are recommending to our friends and anyone we meet to visit Tesla Biohealing Center and buy products from this company.
Amazing life changing products, treatments, people and company!!!
Recommending to everyone!!!
Extremely satisfying and amazingly improving health and over all being in all aspects!!!
Thank you very much!!!

I haven't made up my mind yet. Want to buy one more, but Don have the funds for now.

I think its working?

I wish there was someway to know for sure that there’s energy coming out of these cans. Some way to test them. I am using the cans daily(pretty much 24x7) along with some other holistic things and My RA is feeling much better. I feel like they are working in conjunction with the other things I am doing.

Several Changes Noticed

I started with 1 or 2 adult bio-healers, now up to 4, several months later. Sleeping through the night, with vivid dreams galore. Severe pains in hands for about a year. Pain is almost completely gone. Daughter and sister have experienced back pain relief, overnight sickness relief, and more. Even dog is better, decrease in chest tumor size. Feeling much better overall. Plan to buy more. Happy customer!

Surviving cancer

My dog has had a rough 3 years. First .....stage 5 Lymphoma, then mast cell cancer and now melanoma probably from the chemo from the first two....given 1 month to live....hopeless and overall poor traditional vet management with oncology involvement....alternatives initiated including Panacur, zeolite, silver, alk.c., milk thistle, mushrooms, fulveate., oxygen d, and two tesla pet cans....she is 5 months out.....she gets only human grade meat and veg....desert olive oil, mct and avocado....don't do the raw food diet...because of her mouth/jaw we do syringe feedings...she loves to sleep on or near her tesla jars.....she is still active/has energy.......eats 3-4 times a day....skinny but holding her own at 15 pounds...peeing and pooping on her own....plan to head south to vacation later in the fall....she is 5 months past her melanoma diagnosis, 3 years since her Lymphoma diagnosis....thank you Dr. Jones.....thank you Cancer fighting Strategies, thank you Tesla Biohealing ...plan on adding glutathione and and extra Tesla can.
All is well....healing is in action.

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Christine Loadholtz

I love it, I felt it detox my body