Overnight MedBed Session | Leesburg, FL

Overnight MedBed Session | Leesburg, FL

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Leesburg, FL

Please call us at our location above or email info@TeslaBioHealing.com for more info.


Overnight Tesla MedBed Session:

Check-in time for overnight sessions is 3pm and checkout time is 12pm.

Relax and enjoy while experiencing the remarkable benefits of sleeping on a Tesla MedBed.  

For multiple night bookings, you will have full access to your room until the end of your stay, just like you would be staying at a hotel. In fact, you can consider this a Life Force Energy filled hotel stay! You will have your own room and a community bathroom/shower with fresh towels, access to laundry amenities, and a hotel environment to relax and enjoy while experiencing the remarkable benefits of sleeping on a Tesla MedBed. 

Please bring what you would normally bring with you while staying at a hotel. We provide clean fresh linens, and each room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after your stay.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Linda Coykendall
Feeling Great after the MedBed

Love the Leesburg, Fl center. Friendly and knowledgeable. Jeannine & Bill are the best!
We have noticed a big improvement in all over well being, a lot less pain, feeling energized and happier. We are looking forward to our next stay in October. Many thanks

Bill Weiss
Marked Improvement in First Overnight Visit

I wanted to check out the Med Bed. After sleeping over, I noticed a marked improvement having to do with my (BPH)- enlarged prostate. Great Improvement.

Jerry and Vania Himes
Wonderful and Exciting Experience!

I had been reading about med beds. We happened to drive by and saw your center. We both feel so much better. We feel refreshed! I saw results with my sugar levels. This has been a wonderful and exciting experience. Jeannine & Bill, you are the best!

Karen Johnson Warnick
Relaxing atmosphere has me wanting to come back every week

Initial visits were for back & knees pain & having trouble sleeping. After six months of visits on a weekly basis – Mostly- I’ve had intervals.
Of really! deep sleep. The beds here are so comfortable, its peaceful and the relaxing atmosphere have made me wanting, to come back every week.
I feel my blood pressure has been reduced along with brain fog I have been experiencing. After my visits I feel less stiffness and rigidly in my back & knees . Greater mobility in my feet and legs and a sense of really wanting to do more physically! I enjoy and welcome the advice I have shared with Jeannine & Bill on my every visit.

Amazing Results

This is not our first visit, we where here for an overnight stay. I have provided a video testimony before about the amazing results my husband has had since our over night stays at Tesla Biohealing. He has MDS Leukemia and since we’ve been coming his blood work andPlatelets counts have stablelized and his oncologist has cut back on his Chemo treatments. We have 4 Adult BioHealers at home.

Eddy Sagul
Very peaceful and relaxing

This is my first visit, over night. Curiosity more than anything. Leg and hip pain from a long drive of 382 miles and sore. I slept really well and woke up really rested. I have not felt this relaxed in a very long time. Great stuff, Very peaceful and relaxing.

Jan Gamage

I've been battling cancer for many years. Had a recent secondary cancer diagnosis. Came with a friend who highly recommends a stay with your clinic. After the first night my sinuses cleared. Such a relief. I am feeling better and can tell my body is detoxing. Ankle pain - able to rotate better - had a great stay! Also abdominal pain is greatly decreased. Results below - no changes to daily routine except for the stay at the center.

Thank you for sharing your happy experience after you used our wellness facility. Following the regulatory guidelines, we cannot promote the special use, and we cannot treat this as an intended use. Thank you for your understanding. Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff.

Anne Eyles

Throughly enjoyed the experience and especially Jeannie.

Dear Anne Eyles,

Thank you for your kind words about your experience with our overnight medbed session in Leesburg, FL. We're thrilled to hear that you thoroughly enjoyed it, especially with Jeannie. Your positive feedback means a lot to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff


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