Tesla BioHealing Affiliate Program

Tesla BioHealing offers FDA registered Over-the-Counter (OTC) medical devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy. The first medical device of its kind, this technology has already helped over 20,000 people improve their life quality naturally, and non-invasively. As an affiliate of Tesla BioHealing, you will be able to promote our technology on your platform and earn a commission per sale. Please review the requirements below and thank you for wanting to spread the word about Tesla BioHealing!


Requirements for Applying to our Affiliate Program:

  • This affiliate program is available for health-related online businesses and social media influencers with a large following. The program is not open to regular customers. 

  • If you are approved as an affiliate, you can earn a commission per sale when your customers/followers use your affiliate link and/or discount code to make a product purchase on www.teslabiohealing.com. You may share your affiliate link and discount code on your content distribution channels only. Links and discount codes may not be sold to 3rd party platforms. 

  • Tesla BioHealing reserves the right to deny any affiliate application or remove a previously approved affiliate as deemed necessary. Reasons for being removed from the program can include but are not limited to: low sales volume for an extended period of time, misrepresenting Tesla BioHealing technology, and/or misalignment with Tesla BioHealing's policies or strategic direction. 

  • Commissionable items include physical products that are purchased via www.teslabiohealing.com (Tesla BioHealers and Tesla MedBed Generators). MedBed Center visits and services (Bio-Well Energy Scans and MedBed Sessions) are not eligible for affiliate commission. Any sale that is processed manually not transacted via your affiliate link or discount code on the front end of www.teslabiohealing.com (study participation, MedBed Upgrade Program, etc.) is not eligible for affiliate commission.  

  • Commission payouts are made through PayPal. You must register for your affiliate account using an email address associated with your PayPal account to receive commission payouts. There will be no manual commission checks sent, all payments will be automated via the affiliate platform. Therefore, if you do not register your affiliate account with an email that is linked to PayPal you will not be able to receive your commission.

  • Tesla BioHealing reserves the right to deny commission payment should an affiliate be making sales in an unethical or illegal manner such as making claims about the technology or services not listed on www.teslabiohealing.com. Our products are not intended to replace a physcian's care. We do not make any claims to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition.

Program Basics

Technology Network: Commission Junction

Commission: 5% commission on sales
(based upon performance commission may be increased)
Cookies: 15 days

Payout Model: CPA (Checkout Sale)

AOV: $583

Min Payout Requirement: $100
Approved Partner Type: Content, Coupon, Loyalty, Mass Media, Review Sites, Search, Sub-Affiliate /Influencer Network 

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