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Impact of Biophoton Energy on Stroke Recovery – an IRB approved clinical study.
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Our bodies produce and utilize Life Force Energy continuously, but the level of concentration available in every day environments is not enough to offer our cells the optimal level of support as we age or when we become ill or injured. In other words, when we are lacking life force.  Once the body is given adequate amounts of Life Force Energy to work with, cellular self-repair mechanisms can begin to activate much faster and more profoundly than previously was possible.

Known health benefits of Life Force Energy

Restorative Sleep

Facilitates improved recovery for optimal brain function and immune system support.

Fresh Energy & Vitality

Improve performance naturally and enhance mood and relaxation to reduce stress.

Physical Fitness & Mobility

Restore joint motion and promote muscle and tissue recovery.

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User Feedback


I have felt a significant change in my neurofatigue and my movements. In addition to that, I wake up feeling refreshed and without aches and pains in my back. In fact, I sometimes forget to take my medication for my movements due to the fact I am not having them as much


Helped lowered my blood glucose to normal with just 2 hours of use. Amazing!


I suffer from severe COPD. Placed the canister near and within 5 minutes of being within the bioenergy field, I experienced a significant improvement in breathing. That was unbelievable! I want to try the Tesla MedBed as the BioHealer canister is offering this much benefit already, I can't imagine what the MedBed can do!


After the very first night of using the BioHealer, I could not believe how well I slept! Uninterrupted sleep and being able to experience REM sleep cycles with the use of the product.


My son suffers from a head injury. After using this product, he woke up the other day and said that without forcing his hand, it automatically began to function in coordination with the other! Thank you so much!


My husband has terminal cancer. Since we have had this healer, my husband's pain has gone from a 10 to a 0. Doctors are amazed that my husband has quit taking his pain meds.


I wish I can show you how much my dog has recovered from arthritis since the use of your product!  He is now more active than ever before and freely running and jumping.  Thank you Tesla!


I have noticed I have been sleeping better. Also, my blood pressure has normalized. Before, I was not sleeping well for a few years. Also my blood pressure was a bit too high always and sometimes very high. After 2 to 3 weeks I have noticed a very nice sleep pattern and my blood pressure is almost perfect every day.

Blood Pressure / Sleep

I have been feeling better over the last four weeks, less back pain, more motivated to do things, standing taller, happier, in a better mood, etc. In addition, my nurse practitioner tells me my CT Scan came back with no new cancerous growths and that the tumors continue to shrink.  I haven't yet met with the doctor to see if they have anything else to add. THANK YOU!