Tesla BioHealer for Pets
Tesla BioHealer for Pets
Tesla BioHealer for Pets

Tesla BioHealer for Pets

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Provide Life Force Energy to your beloved animal companion with Tesla BioHealer™ for Pets!

Proven to recharge and repair cellular health, Life Force Energy is a natural, safe, and essential solution for optimal wellbeing.

Our easy-to-use devices generate a field of pure Life Force Energy which has been providing health breakthroughs for over 20,000 users including pets of all shapes and sizes!

Product Notice:

The style and look of Tesla BioHealers for Pets may change during final manufacturing. Product imagery and label may change applicable to market.

Product Specifications:

Weight:  2 lbs. Each
Dimension: 4 in. Diameter x 2.5 in. Height

Made in the USA, proudly developed and manufactured by Tesla BioHealing, Inc. in Milford, DE.

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy is the naturally occurring vital force of nature that all living cells need in order to be as healthy as possible. The Life Force Energy generated by our medical device offers a completely safe and powerful health solution. After over 3 years of conducting safety and efficacy studies and more than 10,000 people using Tesla BioHealing medical devices, no side-effects have been noted with use of our technology and remarkable health improvements continue to take place for our customers daily.

Known health benefits of Life Force Energy

Increased cellular repair

Improved cell wall permeability, facilitating the efficiency of nutrient intake, and eliminating cellular waste.

Improved circulation

Naturally reducing inflammation and improving immune function.

Improved sleep

Facilitates improved recovery for optimal brain function and immune system support.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Marie Matsumoto
Seemed to help

My dog Sammy was recently diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis and I know he had a digestive disorder as well. We had to put him on insulin and digestive enzymes. I don't know if it helped him, but he passed this Saturday after his spleen ruptured. Vet said tumor on his spleen and probably cancer. But he seemed to be doing better with his mobility.

Melissa Thomas
Didn't work for my dog

I bought the small dog bio healer since my dog was the correct weight for it and it seemed to stop her tumors from growing but they did not make them go away like in other reviews.

BioHealer Attracts Dog

Just wanted to share an adorable pic of my friend’s dog- “Ms Ashley“stealing my friend’s biohealer. Lol Sweetest pic of a beautiful dog snuggling with her healer. Hope it helps heal her too!

Arlene Feddo

I have a 15 yr old diabetic feline. Although still on insulin, her overall health has shown an improvement. I am hoping to reduce her insulin in the future. This improvement is for sure from the tesla biohealer for pets. Thank you.

Tammy Moore
Pet Biohealer

I bought the pet bio healer about 2 months ago. My cat will not lay by it really. I have to put it by him. He moves around a lot. Just before I got we found out he is diabetic. So far it has not helped him for that or anything. I'm hoping it kicks in soon. I guess if I keep him in one room all the time he would be be near it more.

Eleanor Spindel
I’m a believer

I purchased 2 adult healers and one for my cats. I felt an immediate improvement and each day I am feeling better. There was also an amazing improvement in my cats. One of my senior cats sleeps on the bio healer and now acts like he is a kitten again. This has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made and I highly recommend.

Jon Underwood
Pet Biohealer

I have seen a marked improvement of my Shar pei which she has a knee cap that goes out of place. She has many more days of walking without a limp when she is on her bed next to the biohealer. It is hard to keep her from jumping on and off the couch and our bed which she uses bed stools we have at the end of our bed. I am hoping to avoid surgery which will cost $$$$$. She is 10 years old and our baby

Excellent results, Highly Recommend, Fast Shipping, Great Quality, Reliable Service,

very strong positive healing lifeforce energy with noticeable and timebound results !
Highly recommend the Tesla biohealer for humans as well as animals. !!

Kathleen Stone
My cat

I bought the bio healer for my cat. We noticed improvement within 2 weeks. He’s back to playing and doing his usual activities.

Sheryl Foss

Well my dog was on her death bed because of a large tumor and her health has turned around. The Vet gave her pain medicine to help her last days more comfortable and used it for 2 days then she seemed fine. I know I this has made a different for sure and I’m truly grateful.