Tesla BioHealing Energized Spring Water: 24 Bottle Pack (16.9 oz.) | *Contact us via email/phone to Subscribe & Save!
Tesla BioHealing Energized Spring Water: 24 Bottle Pack (16.9 oz.) | *Contact us via email/phone to Subscribe & Save!

Tesla BioHealing Energized Spring Water: 24 Bottle Pack (16.9 oz.) | *Contact us via email/phone to Subscribe & Save!

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Energized Spring Water 24 Bottle Pack - each bottle is 16.9 oz.

SUBSCRIBE & SAVE!  Please call 302-265-2213 or email us @ info@teslabiohealing.com to enroll in a subscription plan to save. Enrollment available by phone or email only. 
Optimize your Wellness with Energized Spring Water—Embrace a New Level of Vitality through Hydration!

How is spring water made?
Spring water is water that the earth has naturally filtered. Unlike tap water containing chemicals and other additives, spring water is pure, clean, and created through infiltration. The journey takes several years as rainwater gently seeps through the ground, meticulously filtered by rocks and minerals. The result is pristine, pure spring water!

How do we energize our spring water?
Our water is sourced from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and the Knox Aquifer—the largest natural spring in the Eastern United States! Once the water reaches our Delaware headquarters, it is then energized by our maximum therapeutic-grade Biophoton Generators through a unique rapid energy transfer process. 

Daily consumption of our Energized Water is an exceptional way to enjoy extraordinary hydration while promoting overall optimal wellness.

Enjoy the remarkable benefits of deeply hydrating yourself and your loved ones (including your pets). Expect more balanced energy throughout the day and deeper relaxation at night.

Energized Spring Water benefits:

• Promote improved hydration and circulation of bodily fluids.
• Promote better sleep, relaxation, and stress management.
• Promote healthy weight management and weight loss.
• Increase the flow of qi "energy" for improved bodily functions.
• Improve mental acuity and alertness.
• Improve general mobility and enhanced physical fitness.
• Promote a healthier lifestyle for overall better health.
• Promote physical activity to improve overall wellness.

Please consume within 1 month after receiving the product to experience the best results.

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