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Based on 511 reviews

Very happy with them! Sleeping better overall! Helps with sore joints etc.


Very Thank−you!!!

Helped with post op healing, daughters old knee injury and son’s autism

My biohealers arrived 2 days before my surgery and I was thrilled! These were AWESOME in assisting me in my recovery! I’m not sure how I would have managed without having these with me and at my incision sites.

I continue to use one and have given the second to my 23 yr old daughter who uses it for her knee. She injured her knee when in Jr. High and has had issues ever since. Since using the biohealer her knee has improved substantially!

The third biohealer that I purchased has been used by my adult son (20.5 yr old non-verbal) who was vaccine injured at 18 months of age, resulting in him being diagnosed with autism. He’s been sleeping with it at his head and has been making cognitive improvements!

So grateful and thankful for this technology!!

I can see the difference

I knew it was helping when a good friend asked me what I was doing differently. She is a retired nurse and we vacation together. She had been concerned with my emphysema symptoms getting worse, and then quite suddenly she hadn't seen me for about 10 days) they were better. My blood pressure is also improved. I look forward to seeing more health improvements over time.

Very impressed

I could not be happier with this product. I had both total knee replacements just over a year ago and wish I could have had your product during the rehab. My very first night with the product I woke in the morning with no brain fog and the tension between my shoulder blades that I have had for year’s was gone.

Love it. Would like to get more information about how to use it. I do sleep better than ever.

Reduced my neuropathy symptoms

The unit has helped alleviate the pain of my neuropathy in my legs. It has also had an unattended benefit of helping my dog’s arthritis.

Molto positivo

Sono molto soddisfatta del mio acquisto e ho ottenuto buoni risultati in breve tempo. Grazie

mega colon

My cat is 15 years old and suffers from mega colon a condition that stops her passing faeces. I was having to give her enemas once a week. Since using the bio healer so has started going to the loo on her own again and I have been able to stop the enemas.

I am loving my Tesla Biohealer for Adults.

It has been two months since I started using Tesla BioHealer. I must say that I suffer from low blood circulation especially in my legs. My ankles are always swollen and painful. I also suffer from leg cramps especially at nighttime where I wake up at times screaming from pain. Since I have been using Tesla BioHealer, the swelling and the pain in my ankles is gone, and the cramps in my legs have been reduced to 90% - I also have (CRPS) in my right hand. I often hold the Tesla BioHealer in my hand for an hour or more in the evening while watching my favorite programs or reading a book. Suddenly, my fingers start pounding like a heartbeat, they feel warm and sweaty, and when I move them, they move more naturally as the blood circulation starts. I also noticed that my fingers are less swollen, and the skin on my fingers is less shiny. I can’t say enough about the positive health recharge and repairs that I have experienced in just two months by using Tesla BioHealer- Recharge and Repair Your Cellular Health with Life Force Energy. I use it at home and take it with me in my car. It’s my best companion, and I highly recommend it! Thank you for such and AMAIZING product. Can’t wait to get more!

sleeping better and taking less pain meds

I purchased my first Tesla biohealer and placed it right beside me on the stand by the bed. Right away I started to sleep better. I have had sleep problems for years but finally am able to get a restful night. Since 2015 when I had surgery to remove my left lung for cancer I have been on medication to control the pain. Recently I just realized that I am not using as much as I was taking for pain meds. I believe the Tesla has made this possible. I also bought another one for my grandson that was having a reaction from the shots. I am not sure if it is helping or not but he has days when he feels better and is back to his self again. I pray this technology will keep him safe as well. He was forced into getting the shots to go to college. I wish I had the money to buy everyone in my family one or one of the big ones so they can all be healed.

Long Awaiting Reply

I am sorry for taking so long for getting back to you. I didn't open my cannister until 4th of July weekend and have had it by my bed at night and on my table during the day. I went to the doctors for my physical on 10/6/2021 and he now says I can reduce my neuropathy medication. I was taking 6 pills a day of 2 kinds. Now I only have to take 2 pills of each a day. That has been a great improvement.
But enough about me. I introduced my girlfriend, She bought there Telsa units. One for her father and 2 for herself. Mainly for her husband. I have seen an improvement in him over the last few months. He can actually tell me a story from something he remembered from the past and we can carry on a bit of a conversation. A big improvement from before the Telsa cannisters. Hopefully, she will be able to move forward with a larger unit.
As for5 me, I am hoping to buy another one next year. Thank you so much for a great product.

Better Sleep/ Less Pain

Since I started placing one Biohealer under my pillow, I have notice better sleep.
I also noticed when placed next to my painful knee (due to injury) Biohealer relieves the pain rather quickly!

Tesla Bio Healing is helping my parents.

When my father came back from hospital, he couldn’t talk and couldn’t eat. I put TBH near my father bed, then he’s getting better every day. Now he can eat and can move by himself. I thank you so much for your wonderful product.




I have been struggling for a few years with PTSD. Being uncomfortable with prescriptions drugs the healing process has been very difficult. I ordered my Tesla Bio Healer adult unit on Friday and received it the next day. I have not stopped smiling, my energy level has increased, less anxiety and more confidence. This is truly a game changer!


My mother was admitted two months ago for COVID-19. She was immediately placed on a ventilator and was in a coma. They told us at 14 days that she was not going to make it and recommended us to sign a DNR. She ended up getting a bacterial and viral pneumonia twice in both lungs. They told us that her lungs were damaged beyond repair and she was never going to be able to work, live a full life, or be able to live outside a nursing facility. At the 14 day mark God gave me a vision. I saw a set of keys on a lock and the circle on the lock that said Tesla. These keys were sitting on my mother’s bed. I remembered since covid came out my mom started talking about medbeds. I continued to look up Tesla medbeds and found Tesla bio healing generators.

After explaining to the doctors that we weren’t giving up on my mother she bounced back again and they started the process to wake her up. They tried for over two weeks to wake her with no avail. The day she got her generators she awoke within 10 minutes of having them and the staff was amazed. They then transferred her to another hospital. This hospital did not think she had a chance either. They did every test under the sun searching for what was wrong because she still wasn’t right. After a week they said the life came back into her eyes and a sparkle in her step. They called us a few days ago and told us that she is going to recover beautifully and it will be as if she never even had Covid-19. The absolute amazing part is what takes people a long time to progress through to leave the hospital she is doing within days. They can’t believe how fast she is progressing through the process and should be walking and eating today. She is now completely of the ventilator and is controlling her own bodily functions. God is good and these generators definitely do what they are meant to do. They create such a calming atmosphere and bring the life right back to people.

Thumbs Up

Very Beneficial in all my activities. Thxs to the Bio Healer. I can Mt. Bike,play beach volleyball & hike once again in the Mts.

The BioHealer has been in use for the past month or so.

I have been using two units ever since receiving them. I keep one under the bed for while I am sleeping, and the other sits on my headboard. During the day, I take the one from the headboard and it on my desk next to me so that the effects can be as uninterrupted as possible. I am working to maximum the healing effects of the BioHealer.

3 months of use update

Ok now my house plants are growing towards the bio healer under my bed that proves it’s effectiveness besides I require less sleep and @ 57 yrs old can out work people half my age.
God bless you Guys for developing & marketing this med bed device

Ms. Durbin

The Tesla Biohealer works for me. Better circulation means bruises heal faster and more thoroughly. Very pleasant deep sleep and the refreshing of it means more energy and more things get done in my life.


have it with me day and night
if I have an ache, I put it directly on it and within 5 mins or so...I feel better


I am very pleased with the two small canisters that I purchased...It seems to be increasing the vibration of my cells. I use them on each nightstand at night and on each end table on either side of my chair during the afternoon and evening or whenever I'm home and not working. Other people have also noticed that I have more energy as well. I can;t wait until the day when I might be able to afford the bigger ones that go under my bed.


Wow! I am a 76 year old woman had very little energy to do much of anything, now I have energy . Before it took about 3 cups of coffee to get going now I get up ready to go. I have one cup of coffee and that is it for the day. Love it. I will be getting anther one as soon as I can. Thank you! For a wonderful product.

Tesla BioHealer™ For Adults | Recharge and Repair Your Cellular Health with Life Force Energy

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