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Based on 1200 reviews
A Great Product

Over the last 50 plus days my bio healer has become a part of my daily routine and the results are amazing. I’m seriously thinking about an investment in a more powerful bio healer.

Don't really know yet

I see some things are better but I don't know for sure

Awesome product!

When I got my first one, I was actually positive for the flu so I was in bed for 3 days with my Healer on my nightstand. I have COPD, which is why I now own 3 healers. But after my 3 days of being exposed to the one, my Oxygen number went from 87-88, to 91-92. I was amazed and happy. It has been a few months and my number remains in the low 90’s. I check daily. I also had hurt my foot which healed faster than normal. Overall, I feel good during the day and sleep good during the night. I am so grateful for discovering this amazing product.

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Marylou B Hernandez
Gradually worked

At first, not much, except intense dreams. Gradually in a months time I feel the results. I have had covid & the Omicron, leaving me very weak & fatigued, couldn’t sleep through the night, unable to do menial activities without being out of breath. I am excited to say I’ve improved so much. I believe the Lord Jesus enabled me to get this bioHealer. I’m very grateful for this , as I’m pretty much back to normal activities. I also have no more brain fog! Thank you so much! I highly recommend this❤️

Saved my life

Invasive ductal breast cancer 5.7 mm diagnosis confirmed 2/24/2022 . Surgery on 3/17/22
Your Tesla Bio Healers arrived 4 days before surgery By path report tumor 4.3 mm. No Chemo or Radiation required

Mandy my Saint Bernard had swelling on both elbows the size of a tennis ball on both elbows. She sleeps at bottom of my bed Both swellings gone in 2 months. I put one Bio Healer at head of bed and one under mattress at foot of bed
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Leukemia Subsiding

I have CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). On 2/17/21 my bloodwork (5/6/22) showed a white count of 46.1 and platelet count of 81. Current bloodwork shows a white count of 19.5 and platelet count of 91. These are huge improvements! I have nothing else to attribute this to but my Tesla BioHealer.!

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Diane K Townsend
Improved sleep & positive skin changes

My sleep has improved over the last few weeks
I also had some excessive dry patches of skin disappear

A quick effect

I used the device for adults with mild conditions for only 3 days and already I sleep better and longer than I slept in years, my energy level is up and my craving for carbs is dramatically deminished. It was replaced with a craving for vegetables.

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Evelyn Lautenbach

My blood pressure is on it’s way to normal! I’ve had to decreased my blood pressure meds, yay!!


I squashed my finger between two rocks and was in terrible pain. The end of my pinky finger swelled up. I put some ice on it then I sat with my finger on the Tesla BioHealer for Adults. The next day the pain was almost gone as well as the swelling and no bruising. By the end of the day I had no pain. Whenever my back has pain I sit with it at the place for an hour and the pain subsides. I highly recommend this.

It works

It works

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Geneva Gile-little
Severe TBI.

Car accident July 2008 left me with a severe brain injury. I have done only natural healing for this along with seeing a neurologist. Lesions in my brain have made it hard to heal. Even though have had good results with other therapy’s. I took a bad fall in 2013 worked my way doing better then fell again in 2019. Had to give up completely my business. Trouble walking very far without help. Ankles turning in. Tired all the time. Hard to read. Be on my computer. Ect. All of these things have improved in the time I have been using the bio healers. We have been keeping a journal of our journey with them. We have seen amazing results. I try to keep all four around me as much as possible. Thank you. Geneva

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Paula Lincoln-Clayton
Sore Joints

The Tesla BioHealer has helped a lot with my hip, back and wrists. I used to have an ache on my hip, where I slipped and fell hard on an icy sidewalk and the healer stopped it so I could sleep better. It was worth buying. Thank You!!!

Tesla BioHealers

They help my back pain. I hope they are helping me on the inside.


Biohealer got my blood pressure under control i was running 160-170 now its
always below 140 I am very happy with it everything i tried before didn't seem
to help much, thanks so much

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Mary B. McKinley
Need Advice

When I first received the BioHealers, I misread the instructions and placed them under my bed. The first night, I went to bed with a sore ankle that I could barely walk on. I had no pain the next morning. Another time, I guess I slept 8 hours straight, because I woke up with a new mind and body. It was wonderful and I strive to get that feeling again. I have a terrible pattern of sleep that I really could use some help with. Most nights I don’t go to sleep before 2 or 3 am. Some nights, I toss and turn for hours and end up going to sleep at 5 or 6. I’ve read that the BioHealers help with sleep. If you know something about tge BioHealer that could help me, please advise. I could sure use your help.

Thank you for your question. Please place Adult BioHealers as close to you as possible for most optimized outcome. For better sleep, you may place next/under pillow or on night stand. see use instruction here

Could be really good for some people

The visit was very pleasant and the staff was great. The 1 hour session didn’t seem to do anything for me, but I believe in the concept and recommend taking the overnight package instead, to get a fulller effect. I also bought a small canister for about $600. I’m not getting impact from it, but it’s done noticeable wonders for my wife, so this is real.

Kearny March 2022

I really enjoyed our stay.

Have not noticed too much change yet but back pain and sleep seem to be better.

Thank God for the Tesla Biohealer

I recently lost my husband and was suffering with anxiety,stress,fear. When I received the Tesla Biohealer I was skeptical at first,then I noticed one day that I wasn’t experiencing any stress,any anxiety,any fear. I also had more restful fulfilling sleep! I was so greatful that I found out about the Biohealer! I am ordering my second one which will be even better for my body!

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
lawrence paglinawan

Tesla BioHealer for Adults

helping family

i bought the biohealers for my grandaughter who was cutting herself because of depression she is in counseling so i wanted to suplement her healing while she slept she is doing much better and hasn't escalated in over a month i want to believe the healers are the reason she has improved so much

Instant results.

Within 3 days time my wife and I both have felt like we are having less pain from arthritis in our hands and my lower back and ankles are nearly pain free. We plan on purchasing another one.

Tesla BioHealer for Adults

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Melinda Underhill
Amazing product.

Few products live up to their hype. Tesla Biohealer excels in every way. Relieves aches; pains; joint pains;headaches; backaches. Thank God for this technology! Highly recommend!!

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