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Based on 594 reviews
Still hopeful

we are not seeing any healing or pain relief just yet, but we are sleeping better and still waiting for the results mentioned when purchased.


Have not observed any changes yet. Only used it for 4 weeks

Tesla BioHealer™ For Adults | Recharge and Repair Your Cellular Health with Life Force Energy

Have helped my hips

Helped with my arthritis and my mood just feel healthier

Tesla BioHealer™ For Adults | Recharge and Repair Your Cellular Health with Life Force Energy

Tesla Biohealer review

I bought the Small Biohealer & started using it about October 15th. I need help staying asleep. Some nights are better than others but that could be based on what is going on in my life at the time. I have noticed a deeper sleep for stretches of time but not all night. I hope to improve upon my sleep going forward.

Help for German Shepherd

My Sadie had a nodule under her neck that the vet tried to correct with antibiotics. It helped a little but started growing again. Surgery was expensive and wouldn’t rule out it may grow back. I got the Pet Tesla Healer and in 8 weeks it is almost completely gone. I am so happy with this product.

Love it! After only 4 weeks I felt I had way more energy and memory improved a lot! Was surprised I didn’t have brain fog any longer. Can’t wait to see what happens in the future!



Very Impressed

My neuropathy pain in my left foot [which I had a hammer toe removed after a botched attempted by the foot Dr to fix it] has shown great improvement. The numbness is getting better each day. Thanks for such a great product.

93 year old dads hip stopped hurting! Thx

My dads only been retired for a little over a year, so I think that reveals how active his life has been. The bone against bone grinding was really slowing his gait. After faithfully using the BioHealer...he’s pain free! Yippee! Great relief.


I had the most amazing experience with my BioHealer. Once they arrived I took them (i ordered 2) out of the box and set them down next to me, I was very surprised an hour later when the pain I had been having in my knees for the past couple years was just no longer there, i also have this tingling sensation from head to toe, I feel that this sensation is the BioHealer working. Also the numbness in my fingers from carple tunnel is no longer there. These things happened in the first 24 hours of having my BioHealers. I have since purchased 2 Tesla BioHealers for my husband. We love them. I look forward to more health improvements the longer i have them.

Causes an incredible miracle.

The stopped menstruation has revived.
Causes an incredible miracle.

All My Dogs Feel Amazing!!

My dog Girly, who could barely walk now is now running like a pup! after 30 days Tesla Biohealers! Yes they do work!! all my dogs feel amazing!! Judy Tatum Sonoita Az

God's Blessing

My husband and I are so happy we have the Bio Healers. Within days we could feel the difference. I have severe Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis and pinched nerves in my back. I can now stand up straighter and the pain has lessened. My husband has less pain in his joints too. Can't wait to be able to order the med generator!!!! I'm 67 years and my husband is 75 yrs.....thank you Tesla...

love tsela

At first, I purchased one for a pet dog, but I bought it one more and increased and did it as it turned out that I felt young in two or three days.

It is like the new energy,

I will use it habitually from now on.

I really appreciate that I have you send it quickly.



Sleep Apnea

I have sleep apnea and have been struggling with mask fit and episodes during sleep. I always had no less than 20 episodes per hour while I sleep. Now with the bio-Healer it is down to less than 10 and usually 1 or 3 episodes. still struggling with getting to sleep but usually its because my brain won't turn off.


I purchased the Bio Healer for my husband who got the Jab. He was not sleeping well and had aches and pains. We sleep with it beside our bed. I don’t know the theory behind the healer, but it has helped. We play a lot of golf and it helps our shoulders, arms, and hips from hurting. Thanks!

How do I know?

Hard to make a rating. Can’t tell whether anything is happening. I know about bioenergy. I got trained about how to deliver it to someone who is ill through my own body. I can usually detect movement of energy through my hands and I have not been able to detect it’s coming from the canister. How do I know it is working?

Sleeping better

I have suffered from hormonal imbalance for 9 years which has caused many sleepless nights. It took a little while after purchasing/using one unit but so far I am now sleeping a little better.

Tesla BioHealer for Adults

I have been using the BioHealer for some weeks now and am very happy with improvements to my health. I also purchased 3 extra for family members.

My experience

I have my bio healer with me at bedtime. Right next to me—and it is within 3 ft of me— all day—I have not experienced anything much different than me——I do have more energy—but I have kept it with me every minute of the day since I got it—so I guess all is good—I will continue to keep it with me——if it is making me stronger in all ways and my immune system—it is all good——I am a advocate for taking care of self—so I had no dramatic issues—I will continue this for the 3yrs of its activity—I know it is doing things to cells I know nothing of—to make them stronger——THANK YOU


It appears to be shrinking tumors that has been on shoulders and neck for years. One left side tumors appear to be completely gone. Right side tumors are getting smaller. Have only been using for less than 2months. Have numerous health issues and would like to see if Med Beds can help.

Medicine in a Can

I mistakenly bought two BioHealers due to my error in ordering. Was going to send one back but decided to keep it anyway. I am a Massage Therapist of 40 years, and very much into Holistic/Alternative medicine. I am very familiar with Nicola Tesla's work and wanted to see if the BioHealer stood up to his name. This "Medicine in a Can", as I call it, has changed my whole well-being with improved sleep, improved digestion, decrease plantar fasciitis pain, more energy, reduced joint/muscle ache, I'm 68 years old still working 5 days a week doing Massages! I am also a survivor of breast cancer of 6 years and hopefully, the BioHealer is addressing that stigma of it ever returning. Now that's my experience...since then, I have given the extra BioHealer to a friend with numerous health conditions. She is having wonderful positive experiences as well. What impressed me the most, is that my 13- year old dog has had a tumor on her right eye-lid, that has been growing larger over time. It can be surgically removed however, vets recommend unless the tumor is causing her pain or can't see because of the size, just let it be. I'm still in awe how her tumor has shrunk in size and feel that the BioHealer had a lot to do with her healing experience since she sleeps with me! I wish I could afford the generators but for now, I'm happy with the BioHealer.

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