Tesla BioHealer™ is a portable Class II OTC Medical Device registered with the FDA, which generates an amplified field of pure Life Force Energy, also known as Tesla Waves. This Life Force Energy is provided to empower your cells naturally and non-invasively. A pioneer and profoundly different approach to promote blood circulation and reduce bodily pain. The Life Force Energy generated from the device amplifies as a sphere around the center of the Tesla BioHealer expanding about 3 ft. in radius from the center of the unit. The closer you are to the device the stronger the Life Force Energy field will be.

Tesla BioSphere


How To Use:

Tesla BioHealer™ does not require an external power supply and can simply be placed near you for the intended therapeutic effect. Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices continuously generate a field of pure Life Force Energy. Simply by ensuring that you are within 3 ft. of a Tesla BioHealer™ your cells will be able to uptake this healing force completely naturally, at will, and as needed. We recommend a minimum of 8 hours daily use, so sleep is often a very convenient time to utilize this technology. Distance from the device and length of time using it can be adjusted for your specific needs. Learn more by reviewing our Device Use Recommendation Table

WARNING: Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices are not indicated for women who are pregnant or lactating, or children under the age of 6 as safety and efficacy studies have yet to be conducted with this specific patient population. These medical devices have proven safety and efficacy for all other patient groups, with over 5,000 users successfully utilizing the technology to date. The devices lose efficacy with oxidation, and therefore should not be attempted to be opened. Please consult with us if you have any questions about which devices would be best for you, and always consult your physician about your medical condition first.


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