1 Hour MedBed Session | Hot Springs, AR

1 Hour MedBed Session | Hot Springs, AR

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Hot Springs, AR

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Price listed is per person.


One Hour Tesla MedBed Session:

Start your stay in a relaxed state of being and receiving biophotons into every living cell of the body via 14 Gold Tesla Biohealing Generators!

Hourly MedBed Sessions can be booked for anytime between the hours of 9am and 3pm EST weekdays. Many people note improvements in their wellbeing even after only an hour of resting on a Tesla MedBed, and often tell us that they feel recharged for the rest of the day. This offering is a great option also for those working or living nearby the center who want to benefit from fast Life Force Energy boosts whenever is convenient. Simply by laying on our Tesla MedBed, you will be receiving large quantities of Life Force Energy that the cells of your body can use as at will and as needed to begin recharging and repairing your system. 

Maurice F.
A one hour miracle!

Don't underestimate the power of an hour! My wife and I were both helped tremendously with the Tesla 1 hour session, and it lasted for days. Our results were so profound that we invested in some home units.

Customer Reviews

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I Will Be Back!

Due to my career, my hip flexors are out of line. I enjoyed the time in your place with exposure to Energy. I needed it and appreciated it. I will be back.

Richard Krepp
More Energy

I’ve had trouble with insomnia, sore throat, and stomach. My energy on a scale of 1 to 10 was average at about a 4 or 4 ½. When I left the session, I felt my energy was at a 7 or an 8. I felt a lot more energy and awake.

Darcy Best
Try before you buy, Worked for me!

I could tell both the dog and I were positively affected by the healing frequencies. We continue to enjoy our in home therapy with the Biohealer for Adults canisters.

It's wonderful to hear both of you are experiencing positive effects at home. Hope you and your dog continue enjoying the in-home wellness experience!

Joy S.
Amazing results!

The feeling that I experienced after 1 hour in the chair can only described as balanced, energized and peaceful. Eliminating any slight pain or discomfort that I had previously in my body.
In addition, the staff here in Hot Springs were very knowledgeable and we enjoyed our visit with them.
I highly recommend this experience as everyone could benefit from this amazing healing modality!

Dear Joy Sage,

Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with our 1-hour Medbed session in Hot Springs, AR! We're thrilled to hear that you felt balanced, energized, and peaceful after just one hour in the chair. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing a memorable visit for all our customers. We appreciate your recommendation and believe that everyone can benefit from this incredible healing modality. Please note that, following regulations, our product is not promoted for special use or intended use.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy is the naturally occurring vital force of nature that all living cells need in order to be as healthy as possible. The Life Force Energy generated by our medical device offers a completely safe and powerful health solution. After over 3 years of conducting safety and efficacy studies and more than 30,000 people using Tesla BioHealing medical devices, no side-effects have been noted with use of our technology and remarkable health improvements continue to take place for our customers daily.

Known health benefits of Life Force Energy

Increased cellular repair

Improved cell wall permeability, facilitating the efficiency of nutrient intake, and eliminating cellular waste.

Improved circulation

Naturally reducing inflammation and improving immune function.

Improved sleep

Facilitates improved recovery for optimal brain function and immune system support.

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