Day Pass MedBed Session – Day Pass + 1 BioWell Energy Scan | Leesburg, FL

Day Pass MedBed Session – Day Pass + 1 BioWell Energy Scan | Leesburg, FL

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Leesburg, FL

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Day Pass Tesla MedBed Session + 1 BioWell Energy Scan:

Day Stay for as long as you wish (up to 8 hours of same day visit from 9AM-5PM)

Relax and enjoy while experiencing the remarkable benefits of sleeping on a Tesla MedBed.  

You will have full access to your room until the end of your chosen Life Force Energy stay with a beautiful shared bathroom with oversized walk in shower.

A BioWell full body scan via meridians from all 10 fingertips. Numerous analysis reports are produced and briefly reviewed with guest. All reports are forwarded to guest to consult with physician/practitioner of their choice.

We provide clean fresh linens, and each room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after your stay.

Learn more about the Bio-Well Energy Scan from the technology's founder
(1012) Light, Energy and Holistic Health - YouTube

What to expect from 1 Hr MedBed Session with Before and After BioWell Energy Scan?

Before and After BioWell Energy Scan - 1 Hour Session of MedBed Generators Use

Average Chakras Energy - from 5.3 Joules to 5.9 Joules (x10-2)

Before 1 Hr MedBed Generators Use

After 1 Hr MedBed Generator Use

Please note:
Bio-Well Energy Scans are a 3rd party technology not created by Tesla BioHealing, Inc. Per the Bio-Well manufacturer, people with medical implants, including pacemakers, should not participate in Bio-Well Energy Scans. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Extra Energy

After my last visit, I went home an hour later and packed for my trip. I accidently left my insulin pump off after my shower, as expected my blood sugar went above 500mg. I had a plane to catch for a business conference. Despite the high blood sugar and bringing it back down as quickly as possible,
I have extra energy , felt great and made the flight and conference.

Very Relaxing

Very relaxing -I have a strong case of diabeties neuropathy and type two diabetes taking insulin. I will evaluate progress as time goes on,

Terrry Moore
Great visit

My wife and I went for our first visit to Tesla Biohealing beds a few weeks ago. First let me tell you Jeannine and Bill are wonderful. My husband Terry had a stroke the previous year and was still struggling with swallowing, manipulation of his fingers and leg motion. We saw improvement on all of these after this day session. We both felt more energized and my throat restriction was also better. Going back at the end of September for more! Thanks to Tesla and Jeannine and Bill for their wonderful hospitality!

Lawrence Collins
100% Pleased with Center

My wife and I are new members, so now doing weekly visits. Our chiropractor told us about Tesla BioHealing ; my wife started coming first, specially for a shoulder injury and purchased some device for home use. I have a near total loss of vision in one eye ( retinal detachment) and began noticing slight
returning – assuming being near home devices? Thus, am now coming to Leesburg Center-am 100% pleased with the center and how treated here- like family.

Helping my diabetes

“ I am a Brittle Diabetic. I’ve had trouble with keeping my Blood sugar even. The MedBed is helping this and also I’m not as weak as I was. Jeannine and Bill are so kind and knowledgeable. I am so incredibly blessed that I”m here.

Feeling Relaxed and Energized

I came with my daughter and this is my 2nd visit. Both times as I left feeling relaxed and energized. I immediately relax and, believe in the restoration going on through out all systems in my body. I received a full body scan letting me know about areas that need more energy. I enjoyed thoroughly the deluxe relaxing massage chair. I am excited to come back and experience more energy and results.

Brenda and Terry Moore
1st Day Pass Visit

Both of us where having difficulty over all our bodies. Today Terry has seen improvement in eyes, hearing, bladder, and his lower back. He also feels his left side where he had his stroke has improved.

Martha Spears
A Wonderful Healing Experience

My day pass was a relaxing and healing experience. I did not do the Bio Well Scan at this stay.

Dear Martha Spears,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful healing experience with us! We're thrilled to hear that your day pass was relaxing and beneficial. We appreciate your feedback and hope to welcome you back soon for another rejuvenating session. Please note that following regulations, our product is not promoted for special use or intended use.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Feel rejuvenated!!!

Each time we visit for approx. 8 hours, within a short period of time, we feel rejuvenated... as if we had been bathing in the fountain of youth! Jeannine is wonderful and so accommodating to us! Top notch service!!

We're thrilled to hear that your visits have left you feeling rejuvenated. Thank you.

Jeanne McCarthy
Jeanne first bio healing

It was a fascinating experience and I learned a lot about my health. The staff was extraordinary and knowledgeable. I will continue with the program and will choose night stays. I am also looking forward to the big med beds when they become available. I will continue to work on my health plan every day. A+++

Dear Jeanne McCarthy,

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that you had a fascinating experience and found our staff to be extraordinary and knowledgeable. We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm for our program. Please note that while we're excited about the upcoming availability of our big med beds, we want to remind you that our products are not promoted for special use or intended use. We're here to support you on your health journey every day!

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy is the naturally occurring vital force of nature that all living cells need in order to be as healthy as possible. The Life Force Energy generated by our medical device offers a completely safe and powerful health solution. After over 3 years of conducting safety and efficacy studies and more than 30,000 people using Tesla BioHealing medical devices, no side-effects have been noted with use of our technology and remarkable health improvements continue to take place for our customers daily.

Known health benefits of Life Force Energy

Increased cellular repair

Improved cell wall permeability, facilitating the efficiency of nutrient intake, and eliminating cellular waste.

Improved circulation

Naturally reducing inflammation and improving immune function.

Improved sleep

Facilitates improved recovery for optimal brain function and immune system support.

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