Overnight Cellular Recharge Session ~ Additional Guest | Tampa, FL

Overnight Cellular Recharge Session ~ Additional Guest | Tampa, FL

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Tampa, FL

Please call us at (813) 293-9984 or email fl-tampa@TeslaBioHealing.com for more info.

All prices for this center are listed as cost per person.
All rooms are single occupancy. Each overnight session ($350) does allow for one guest, at an additional cost of $100 per person, which covers the cost of their own guest room.

***This session must be booked with an Overnight Session at Regular Pricing to be valid. 


Overnight Cellular Recharge Tesla BioHealing Session:

Check-in time for overnight sessions is 3pm, late check-in time is 6pm and checkout time is 12 noon. Overnight sessions can be booked consecutively for those wanting to spend more than one night at our Center. For multiple night bookings, you will have full access to your room until the end of your stay, just like you would be staying at a hotel. In fact, you can consider this a Life Force Energy filled hotel stay! You will have your own room and shower, access to laundry amenities, and a hotel environment to relax and enjoy while experiencing the remarkable benefits of Tesla BioHealing.  

Please bring what you would normally bring with you while staying at a hotel. We provide clean fresh linens, and each room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after your stay.

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