Overnight MedBed Session | Milford, DE

Overnight MedBed Session | Milford, DE

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Milford, DE

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Overnight Tesla MedBed Session:

Check-in time for overnight sessions is 3pm and checkout time is 12pm. Overnight sessions can be booked consecutively for those wanting to spend more than one night at our Tesla MedBed Center. For multiple night bookings, you will have full access to your room until the end of your stay, just like you would be staying at a hotel. In fact, you can consider this a Life Force Energy filled hotel stay! You will have your own room and shower, access to laundry amenities, and a hotel environment to relax and enjoy while experiencing the remarkable benefits of sleeping on a Tesla MedBed.  

Please bring what you would normally bring with you while staying at a hotel. We provide clean fresh linens, and each room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after your stay.

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy is the naturally occurring vital force of nature that all living cells need in order to be as healthy as possible. The Life Force Energy generated by our medical device offers a completely safe and powerful health solution. After over 3 years of conducting safety and efficacy studies and more than 30,000 people using Tesla BioHealing medical devices, no side-effects have been noted with use of our technology and remarkable health improvements continue to take place for our customers daily.

Known health benefits of Life Force Energy

Increased cellular repair

Improved cell wall permeability, facilitating the efficiency of nutrient intake, and eliminating cellular waste.

Improved circulation

Naturally reducing inflammation and improving immune function.

Improved sleep

Facilitates improved recovery for optimal brain function and immune system support.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
DE Center Experience

Arthritis pain gone.

Joan G
Best night sleep in many years

I’m a cancer survivor and the Medbed has been a God send. I highly recommend the Medbed Center the best night sleep in years. My spine pain has diminished for the first time in 10 years after completing chemotherapy and radiation. I wish I could purchase the Medbed generator.

Patricia Luvin
Driving Again

First time I visited I needed someone to drive.
Second time I visited I could drive myself!
Both times I came home with hope for recovery!

Charles Frame
The Best Energy Booster

My wife definitely has experienced an energy increase since our visit and looking forward to our next visit !

M. J. McFalls

Two of us went to Milford Delaware and stayed two nights on the med beds. We both felt energized and pain free The asthma that has plagued me all of my life nearly disappeared. We would highly recommend a stay at a med bed center and I plan on coming back soon for another two night stay.

Gregory B
"I noticed changes after the first night..."

Hi My name is Gregory I spent 4 days and three nights at the Milford Delaware center At the end of June . I notice changes after the first night knees were not as painful and swelling had gone done.I was able to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom without feeling like I was going to fall. By the last day I was walk without my cane and I was even able to walk up steps without a lot of pain. I even notice my figure tremors were better. So I bought two adult biohealers I put them behind my knees at night and they do help. I can’t wait to be able to go back to the center.My advice if you go to a center spend 90% of your time there and get the most out of your stay.You will not regret it.

40-Year-Old Pain is Gone!

I'm happy!

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Technology is great

Definitely seen improvement!

Jennifer North

Overnight MedBed Session | Milford, DE