Overnight Session + 1 Before & After Bio-Well Energy Scan | Milford, DE

Overnight Session + 1 Before & After Bio-Well Energy Scan | Milford, DE

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Milford, DE

Please call us at our location above or email info@TeslaBioHealing.com for more info.
Overnight Session + 1 Before & After Bio-Well Energy Scan:
The Bio-Well energy scan is a trailblazing mechanism specifically made to measure the light and energy in one's body. The scan consists of a thorough analysis of various energy levels and physiological systems throughout your body, which assists in providing a detailed overview of Life Force Energy levels throughout the body.

Tesla BioHealing Center has partnered with Hampton Inn (Milford, DE). Hampton Inn offers amenities including FREE complimentary breakfast, indoor pool, fitness center, WIFI and more. Stay includes up to 4 guests sharing an Energized Room. Pet Friendly rooms available. 

Weekend stays available with a minimum 3-night booking (Friday-Monday).

What to expect with an Overnight Session:

Overnight sessions can be booked consecutively for those wanting to spend more than one night at our Tesla BioHealing Center. 

Upon check-in at the Milford, DE Center, guests will receive a Bio-Well energy scan and wellness consultation. We will take the time to discuss the results of the scan with you and to answer any questions you have about our technology and how it could benefit your health specifically. 

Hotel check in at 3 PM and checkout is 11 AM. Upon checkout, guests will return to the Milford Center to complete the final checkout process.

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